Wenonah Vagabond Price?

Difference of opinion
There are those who believe that Royalex has a finite life time and becomes increasingly brittle and prone to crack and break after 20 years or so.

I have not observed this tendency myself, and I have quite a few older Royalex boats, but there are quite a few experienced paddlers who believe this to be true.

wenonah vagabond
I know as fact that this boat has been on the shop floor for at least 2.5 yrs. Have wanted it since I first saw it but the funds were short at the time.

Sounds like you found your boat

If you are a beginner and without a boat, what’s more important than finding the “killer deal” is getting on the water and getting the learning going.

After you’ve got a boat, then you can be pickier about price for your next one. But the most important thing is getting out there and accumulating seat time.

Funny… I THINK I have
one of Eric’s boats. It had a middle owner. If the price I paid reflects what he paid, a fair deal was struck at the outset.

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Ive got twenty years of seat time in a canoe but its been thirty years since Ive spent time doing what I loved.