Wenonah vagabond repair question

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What should I use to fix this chipped gelcoat? I was thinking to fill it its marine tex or JBWeld?


I like
white Marine Tex with paint over the top of it. Wet sand the stuff with ever finer grades of paper until it is well faired with the surrounding gelcoat and then paint to match as best you can.


why not gel coat?
You can get gel coat repair kits of various types containing a small quantity of polyester gel resin and catalyst. Jamestown Outfitters and other vendors sells several different types.

You need to remove any gel coat that is likely to flake off, then bevel well the edges of the securely attached gel coat. Non-pigmented gel coat from repair kits is usually off-white. You can try tinting it with pigment but a better color match is often achieved using paint. Automotive touch up paint comes in many colors and you can often find something that matches fairly closely.

Should have used marine tex

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Bought the gel coat patch repair


It was really terrible, kept shrinking in the chipped area and had to re do the application 3 times. Super runny to work with in areas that are not flat like the stern. Don't buy this stuff. Will let it dry(if ever) and in a couple of weeks will bring the repair up to level of hull with marine tex