Wenonah Vagabond

Hi All,

Last summer I bought my first ever solo canoe - an Old Town Pack. I love how lightweight the Pack is and how easy it is to get it on and off the roof of my car. But, IMHO, it is a bit slow and doesn’t track well. To be fair, I could be the tracking problem - I’m still kind of new to paddling a solo canoe. Regardless, I was considering upgrading to a Tuf-weave Wenonah Vagabond. I’m 5’9" and I weigh about 175, and I mostly paddle on quiet lakes and rivers. I think the Vagabond would be a good fit for me - what do you all think?

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Yes, the Vagabond is a nice canoe and will certainly be faster and better tracking than the Old Town Pack.

I agree. I had a Vagabond for a few years and found it to be reasonably fast, and it certainly tracks as well as any canoe might need to. Mine was Royalex, and in that application, Royalex did not exactly please me. In Tuff Weave it should be a far better boat than the one I paddled. For your size and style of paddling, it should be a pretty good choice.

Vagabond is narrower than the Pack and easier to get a vertical stroke. The Vagabond is also less affected by wind. It’s also more efficient with a higher top speed.

Thanks, all. When I get my new Vagabond I’ll post a picture! :wink:

@davidhenrylines@gmail.com said:
Thanks, all. When I get my new Vagabond I’ll post a picture! :wink:

Looking forward to pics and first impressions of paddling it.