Wenonah Voyager??? Advantage???

Just curious to hear some comments about this boat. I have read reviews and old posts and the reviews are varied.

I currently own an Advantage and I like it, but found a great deal on a Voyager. I would love a boat that is even a little faster and harder tracking than the Advantage, and one that would be capable as a tripping boat and handling rough water.

The Voyager seems to be that…but I am worried about its performance in the wind.

Many people comment that it is terrible in the wind. Some say it is okay with a cover…or with a load.

I find the Advantage to be a little hard to handle in teh wind, but when you put a knee down and paddle northwoods tripping style it is quite manageable. Not sure if the same woudl be true for the Voyager.

Just curious to hear your thoughts on the Voyager vs. the Advantage in terms of speed, tracking, rough water performance, and performance in the wind…and curious to hear HOW MUCH of a load the Voyager “needs” to handle better. Would a 5 gallone water jug behind the seat be enough? Or are we talking about 100 pounds.

I weigh 195 pounds by the way…I know taht makes a difference. I also know that I am a bit on the heavy side supposedly for the Advantage.



If you are mostly paddling unloaded
I would stick with the Advantage.

If you take a couple of your other boats
along in the Voyageur, that should weigh it down about the right amount.

Don’t assume that the Voyageur will be much less maneuverable when paddled empty. It has a bigger footprint and must sit lighter on the water. Being maneuverable and blowing in the wind are partly related to one another.

The Voyager is a bitch in any wind
except head on or directly behind when unloaded.Into the wind,it will fly and downwind if you can keep it on course.

The cover helps a lot and I’m sure a load would.An infrequent poster here has an Advantage and has been more places than most of us will ever go. He can handle that boat.

Wish I had gotten it instead of the Voyager.

A positive - without the wind factor,it is a great boat.

Had similar problems with our old
18.5 Moore tandem. With just us aboard, we could get blown around and downwind for miles. With a 2 week load of gear, it was solid as a rock and would go where it was pointed.

Don’t know much
I kneel and switch in a modified Voyager. So far I’ve been unable to decide if I like it or the Magic better. They are both great open water boats. Not too shabby on rivers either so long as it’s not too technical.

Never tried an Advantage. So I can not compare.

This thread on solo tripping may be of interest.


I paddle a similiar hull an old school shockwave IMHO its alot less susceptible to wind issues than the voyager but it doesnt have the carrying capacity

if you’re referring to me, i have a prism. looking forward to paddling with you.