Wenonah Whisper???

Just found out about a deal on a used Wenonah Whisper. It’s a Jensen-designed solo about 15 and a half feet long.

I’m familiar with most of Wenonah’s models (even some discontinued ones), but this is a new one on me. Anyone out there have experience with this one??? Likes and dislikes? Pros and cons?



Whisper, don’t yell
This solo is both narrower and shorter than the Solitude. Wenonah only carried it in the catalog for several years in the mid 80’s. For a person under 170# and under 6’ this is a fine solo. I could paddle it, but not get comfortable in it. Todd Finley @ Oak Orchard Canoe had one and fished and duck hunted out of his. He is 6’+ but grew up in canoes and took his about everywhere. It was quick and tracked well, just did not have the volume i was used to.


We-no-nah Whisper specs:

– Last Updated: Jul-01-05 2:50 AM EST –

15'6" long
29" maximum width
22" gunwale width
27.5" waterline width
12.5" depth
16" bow height
12.5" stern height
28-46 lbs depending on lay-up and outfitting
extreme tumblehome
straight keel

For a strong paddler, with good paddling technique, this canoe
can be paddled quite fast, especially with the so called Hit&Switch
technique. For a fast touring canoe I find the Whisper
surprisingly dry in waves and maneuverability is also higher than
one may expect. Tracks well enough when paddled fast, but at
'normal' speeds tracking suffers too much (for me), especially in
wind and waves, which also hampers speed a lot. Stability is more
than enough for me, but not when heeled extreme for FreeStyle
maneuvers as I often (try to) do...

While this boat isn't for paddlers over 85 kg (187 lbs) in my
opinion, it also doesn't work well for paddlers below 60 kg (132 lbs), as
I have noticed on the occasion that my wife paddles this canoe.

Dirk Barends

Thanks to both of you for the info…
Actually, we already went and bought it.

The price was right, and my wife liked it. And what the heck… If it doesn’t work out, we can always sell it and try something else.