Wenonah Wilderness & Rendezvous

I will be test paddling the two soon myself, but just wondered if anyone out there had an opinion on the two boats besides what’s in the reviews. I’ve also read Eric Nyre’s imfo on the Canoe Colorado website http://www.canoecolorado.com/. Lots of good imfo there if you’ve never been to the site.

I’m just looking for paddler’s opinions of anyone who has paddled either or both. My use will be Class I-II Ozark rivers for day trips and overnighters. I’m 6’2" and 260. Thanks. WW

Royalex Rendezvous
I’ve paddled up to Class III and done a week’s trip on the East Branch of the Penobscot in Maine. It handled the weight of camping gear very well with no noticable ill effects in fact I thought it paddled a little better. The boat handles the rapids very well. It’s been on quite a few ww rivers here in Mass. I applied the Mods Eric Nye posted and in fact moved the seat back even more to just back of center. I raised the seat a good 2 inches as my chotas got caught in a swim (It was a training session really). It’s a little tender with the seat this high but great when kneeling.

The boat maneuvers very well and responds quickly to the paddle but I’ve also participated in "swim training to test my PFD " when less expecting it.

With an an clamp-on padded yoke it’s easy to portage.

You gotta paddle it for yourself.

I’ve never paddled the other canoe.

Compared to my Mad River Guide
and MR Synergy, the Rendezvous is much better on the lakes and flats, but less maneuverable in whitewater. Personally, I would rather put in effort to make a bad-tracking WW boat go straight (Synergy), rather than fight to make a good tracking boat do tight turns and spins. I think the Rendesvous might be faster and stronger tracking than you need for Ozark conditions, but it will have all the maneuverability you would like to have, except on your most serious whitewater.

Was hoping a few more paddlers may have some opinions of these two. Appreciate the input! WW