Wenonah's new Barracuda

Anyone ever heard of Innegra S?

“But a good looking exterior is only half the story. On the interior of our Barracuda™ layup we utilize a layer of Innegra S high performance fabric. Different than Kevlar® or fiberglass, this material dramatically increases the composite toughness and impact resistance of the Barracuda™ layup, and is one of the lightest weight fibers available.”


Been working with it for months trying to come up with a workable InS/Carbon laminate, but doubt the best use is sandwiched between two layers of E glass.

Here’s the company website w/brochures

Looks like the future to me. With the cost of materials continuing to go up in price this looks like a good low cost replacement to Kevlar alone or Carbon alone and an improvement to s class impact resistance with a reduction in weight to s glass alone. I would not be afraid of it. If you contact the company directly they should have someone on staff that can help with laminating recommendations for your purpose I’ll bet.

New Wenonah Solo
Does anyone know the weight and cost of the new Wenonah solo canoe called the Baracuda?

I told my wife I didn’t need anything for Christmas but that might no longer be true.

Not a model but a material
You are under a misunderstanding. The Barracuda is not a Model name of a boat but a Layup Fabric in replacement of Kevlar or S Glass or Carbon. Go to the link I provided to read the details. Not all Wenonah models are offered with this layup option.

Since the material is not new I’m surprised it’s taken so long for companies to offer it as a material option. I think the specs look fantastic. I would love to see some reviews of boats made of this material.

It’s not a boat.
It’s a material they are using for building some of their boats. The boats built with Baracuda are the same price as a Kevlar Ultra-light version of that boat. The new solo canoe in Wenonah’s line-up is called the Canak. While I’ve seen one with a Baracuda hull, the Canak is not going to be built in this material.

Maybe some sort of spreadsheet?
I realize that there are many variations and combinations possible, and there are many sorts of performance (tension, compression, abrasion, stiffness etc.)

Here is what I think I know so far:

E-glass - cheap, easy to work with, strong enough, good outer layer, only fair in tensile strength and weight.

S-glass - better than E in abrasion/compression, costs more but still easy to use - great outer layer

Kevlar - Expensive, very light, great tensile strength, good inner layer, not very stiff.

Carbon - Expensive, very light, better stiffness than Kevlar, good outer layer in light canoes

Spectra - much like kevlar

Polyester - added between layers as a way to increase adhesion

So this might not be entirely correct, but it seems to me that glass is good, kevlar/carbon is better mostly for weight, and kevlar/s-glass is better for weight and toughness.

My question is how this “new” cloth compares.


Incidentally, I really am not in the market, but am just generally curious.

More info
I did a search before posting, but I suppose I missed this thread: http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=1329450

There is also this, from solotripping: http://www.solotripping.com/community/showthread.php?t=3158

It seems the Innegra S is similar in some ways to spectra, in that it is very strong for its weight but requires finishing to bond well, and that finishing only lasts a month or two, making it difficult to work with.

OC-1 potential…

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Maybe...maybe not, but a tougher touring solo with UL Kevlar weight(portage)....Yeahhh!