Wenonah's new "Wilderness" Canoe...

Have you heard about this one? http://www.wenonah.com/products/template/product_detail.php?IID=193&SID=0c4405a8645bc3780f1a56723a24c0ca

nice general purpose solo
Looks like it’ll be mostly stable and still move ok.

$1100 for Royalex sounds a bit high. But that just might be the price of things these days.

I wish Wenonah would provide projected weight capacities at given waterlines like Bell does.


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Haven't seen one. Call around to go demo it...
It looks a little wide(37") at the gunwales for a sit & ??(switch..I suppose)...just my $.01. Looks like "canadian style" could be the way...but the seat looks to be at dead center midships...would like it a little aft of center....but may paddle fine... $.01

27" at gunwales, not 37".
Sit & switch should be fine with 27" gunwales.

Is that a bigger Vagabond?
It seems like a larger capacity Vagabond…?


I like it! Just enough rocker to turn, looks like it would track well. Looks like a winner to me.

I agree with the poster above it reminds me of a larger Vagabond. With it’s small amount of rocker should make a good solo lake tripper - easy to maneuver in wind/waves. Not enough rocker for a river boat though - by specifications anyway… but we all know the difference between published rocker specs and reality (no standard for measurement). I’ll be on the look-out to test paddle one. Hope it’s more lively/fun than the steady but boring Vagabond. As a river paddler/Freestyler I like more rocker (and equal amounts bow & stern). At least it doesn’t have differential rocker like the Argosy- that’s a BIG plus!

Differential rocker?
Talk to me about differential rocker and the Argosy. I’m curious (and uninitiated).

I was considering a Royalex Argosy recently and liked the little bit of rocker it had, and manuverability, but hadn’t paddled it long enough to really flesh out and bad habits.

Just a curiosity…enjoying the fact that this venue exists to teach me such stuff.

Differential rocker

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Depends on how good a match you are to the boat capacity as to what you will experience. I give an Argosy a 270 lb load with just my life jacket, water bottle, and paddle. The boat can handle this load, but I wouldn't really put much more weight into this model. So the boat drafts a little lower (stems are more planted in water) than what a lighter person would experience. With me as the load, the Argosy has a very noticeable sticky stern. What this means is if you reach out to do a forceful midship draw you will experience the boat really wanting to turn with urgency toward the on paddle side rather than moving the whole boat equally sideways. The bow swings much easier than the stern. I personally don't like surprises when paddling in moving water. A draw should move your boat sideways - period. To be fair you can find a sweet spot that will draw the whole boat equally in a sticky stern situation, but this may be awkwardly behind you. You better not miss this spot if you find yourself really needing to do a draw. It is also problematic back paddling with a sticky stern. This condition is generally more of an annoyance if you are a river floater rather than paddle and run through type person. As always you need to try any boat out to find out what you will experience, especially in solo canoes. You need to find the one that fits you best, and it certainly could be the Argosy. I'm betting the Wilderness will be a better fit for me though.

It still has those deep bows that
can give you a fit in the wind.

I weight 160 and with an added 60 lbs of gear for a week trip the Argosy turns quite well in creeks and moving water, Tracks fairly nice and is not to affected by the wind.


Yes…indeedy Yanoer!, sorry…my bad…27" not 37"…Yowwww! …sounds very good for starters. Dodging the T-storms all day had more than mental effect…:wink: