Went on my annual trip to Lake Umbagog in Maine

Hooked up with Scott and his brother. Took this photo early morning on Thursday.


Spectacular scenery!

wow, beautiful picture

Beautiful place - where did you stay?

Photo was taken on the Androsgoggin river, on my way to Umbagog. We stayed at Cedar Stump on the Rapid river, just downstream of the rapids.

I know that spot, used to fish that area quite a bit back in the day. Carrie Stevens country up there

I believe Carrie Stevens tied her flies by the Upper Dam, that separates Mooselookmenguntic and Richardson lakes. The Middle Dam separates Richardson Lake from “Pond in the (Rapid) River.” And, what was Lower Dam blocked Pond in the River into Rapid River that flows into Lake Umbagog. Umbagog then drains into the Androscoggin.

Sorry for the details… I have had a “camp” for 30 years in that area and love those places. Used to drive into the maze of logging roads and then to hike into the Rapid River (Lower Dam was still there then) to fish for big brookies and landlocked salmon. Too much for my current car (I gave up on gas guzzling SUVs/trucks) and my aging legs to get in there these days.

Last month, I drove by the upper Androscoggin (that seems to be in Andy’s pic) to get to the 2nd Dartmouth College Grant. I parked my car by the side of the road (Rt 16) and mountain biked past the locked gate on the logging roads into the College Grant to fly fish the Dead and Swift Diamond Rivers.

As some say up there, “It’s God’s country.”


Yes her place was at upper dam

We stayed there last fall - nice sites.

I hope to get up there next summer. It looks like a great place to camp.