Werner 4 Piece Any Good?

Anyone out there have any experience with the

optional 4 piece paddles that Werner makes?

I’m thinking of getting a spare and storing it in a

hatch in calm conditions, and on deck in rougher conditions.

Specifically, Im wondering if the four pieces will fit through the rear hatch of a Tempest 165 and if the paddle feels/behaves well when assembled.

Thanks for any feedback.

Good For WW
because you can stow in the the boat which has no deck lines.

Not as much good for touring boats. Stuffing it in the hatch will do you no good if you need to access it “out there” where you have lost your primary paddle. Stuffing four pieces in the back deck, under lines, mean that much more to put together and that much increase in a wave taking a piece away.

Stick with two piece for a spare on the back or front decks, whichever your perference for carrying and accessibility.


Good for airline travel
Most airlines have both weight limits and circumference limits for checked baggage. The maximum size of each checked bag is 62 nches/157 cm (length + width + height). A 4-piece paddle can normally be stored in a folding kayak’s pack or backpack without sticking out the top and exceeding the baggage circumference rule. If you exceed the circumference rule it normally costs $80 per flight in North America. Werner makes excellent 4-piece versions of most of their paddles that are convenient to travel with.

4 piece paddles
I use a Wind Swift 4 piece paddle and there is no difference between it and the 2 piece. I do a lot of travelling with folding kayaks and the 4 piece paddle fits right in the pack. That is the biggest advantage. I ordered a 4 piece Lendal for the travel and the interchangability of blades.