Werner Athena vs Kalliste

I have a Werner Athena paddle and have loved it until recently. I got it due to shoulder arthritis and it has been a godsend. But this year there has been a big improvement in my shoulder pain and I’m wondering if I still need the small-bladed Athena.


Kalliste: 650 sq cm, 23 oz.

Athena: 550 sq cm, 22 oz.

The blade of the Kalliste is 18% larger than the Athena.

For those who have tried both paddles, is there a noticeable difference between the two? Is the difference enough to justify the expense of a new paddle?

I’m not really unhappy with the Athena. It’s just that I’m aware that it doesn’t move much water. I was thinking my kayak felt sluggish, but now I’m wondering if the problem is the small paddle.

Anybody got a 220 cm Kalliste you’d like to sell?

Email sent.