Werner Blades, Ikelos vs Cyprus

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I am looking for some feedback before ordering a new sea kayak paddle.

I am 5'9" and will be paddling a 17'x22" boat.

I was planning on ordering a 210cm neutral bent shaft Werner and can't decide on which blade. I have done some paddling with the Shuna blade (non foam core version of the Cyprus) and thought it had good overall performance, but I do not have access to testing an Ikelos or Corryvrecken. I am not a muscle bound fella and worry that the larger blades might cause rapid fatigue.

This will be a general purpose paddle, but I would like enough 'bite' to do some surf stuff.

Anybody out there using the Ikelos or Cyprus, and care to comment?

Can’t comment on the Cyprus, but purchased a very lightly used Ikelos a while back. Since I paddle a wing exclusively now, the Ikelos has become my wife’s paddle-she flat out loves it.

Although it has a larger blade face, its sheer smoothness upon exit and foam-cored buoyancy, make it a delight to paddle. The absence of that dihedral ridge allows it to effortlessly knife through the water for sculling, duffek strokes, etc. (Makes me look like a more proficient paddler than I am…) There’s enough flex in the blades and shaft so it doesn’t beat you up-here again, I’m used to a wing…

I’d question its use for surf duty though; it’s very lightweight and seems pretty fragile. (Of course I only have my wing to compare it to; perhaps others out there can speak to its durability.)

Hers is the bent shaft variety, not my preference, as it forces me into its dimensions for hand positions. If a bent shaft fits you however, many find it easier on the wrists. The two piece locking system is very positive and secure with nary a wobble in the shaft.

In all, a very well designed paddle, and an absolute pleasure to use.

I purchased an Ikelos this year

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My stats are the same as yours- 5'9" and a 17' 22" boat. I have a bent shaft only because it was in stock at the dealer. I wanted a 215 cm. but the dealer insisted I use a 210 and I believe he was correct.

I never experience fatigue using this paddle (and I am not muscle bound at 150 lbs.). You can build good speed with the large head. It does feel fragile so I try to treat it much more gently than a F/G paddle.

This paddle is well-suited for a fairly high-angle stroke.

I really enjoy it but cannot comment on the Cypress.

I have not paddled either paddle, but…

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can say he following:

trilobite and bruce are good and honest paddlers and their coments seem genuine and accurate.

Werner paddles, which I use exclusively, are extremely well made, and although I do not have the models you are considering, I can verify the construction. Particularly, the ferrule with adjustable angles is really very superb and strong, with no annoying "play".

I have seen and paddled an ONNO paddle, and it too was really a thing of beauty. I am planning to order one for my Barracuda. The lightest paddle for the price I have ever seen, and custom made from Patrick, onnopaddler on Pnet. Actually more "bang for the buck" compared to Werner, I believe. Here is Patrick's website; something to consider.

I second Bruce's comment about length. My boat is 21 inch beam, and I am your same approx size with a high angle style of paddling, and I have both 210cm and a 215 cm Shuna--I prefer the 210cm length for flatwater.

Cheerio, old chap.

I have been paddling an Ikelos since they we introduced two years ago. I can honestly say that it is the best paddle I have ever owned. I believe it has made me a better paddler. I use it for every thing in my sea kayak, surf, rocks, etc and although I have some small chips and dings, the paddle has been much more durable than it’t weight would suggest. The Cyprus has similar charactaristics with a smaller blade.


210 Ikelos
I’ve used the Ikelos for a couple of years and have used the Cyprus sparingly. I’m 5’10" and paddle a Coho, Chatham 18 and Arctic Tern 14. I am not a muscular guy by any stretch of the imagination. The Ikelos is my one solution paddle and it doesn’t wear me out. Everyone I lend it to loves it. The Cyprus is very smooth and forgiving. While the Ikelos doesn’t wear on my joints I do feel the difference between the two paddles. I plan to buy a Shuna or Cyprus as a spare and lower gear.

Used a Cyprus since last fall
I have been using a Cyprus since early winter and really like it. If you like the Shuna then go for the Cyprus. Mine is straight shaft. At times I would like a little more blade but mostly it does me well. I also like the feel of an Ikelios except I think it is a bit harder on my joints. Perhaps it would be better as my forward stroke improves or I get more kilometers in. I can’t keep up with falcon but I don’t think I could keep up with him if I had an outboard motor. Maybe there is an island in Greece with a size between the two for Werner to make a third choice…

As far as ONNO goes, very well made paddles but I haven’t used my mid-tour in months. I just like the Werner design and the foam-core.

Oh I’m 5’10 165 lbs and my Cyprus is a 210 (ONNO is 218 so that may be part of the difference and I don’t want to dis Pat - good guy, good service, paddle artist). I’m currently using a 15 degree right hand feather)

I have both…
I am 5’8 and paddle a 21 inch wide Aquanaut. I have both the nuetral bend Ikelos and Cyprus, both in 210 length.

I love both paddles, but would recommend the Cyprus over the Ikeolos. The smaller blade is more comfortable to use and puts less strain on your body.

I like the Ikelos when I really want to crank hard, but it has a larger blade than you really need.

The smaller blade of the Cyprus makes longer paddles easier and does not catch the wind as bad on those really windy days.


I’ll have to toss in with Matt.

I have paddled the Ikelos and liked it, but it is more blade than I need.

If you are a big, powerful, low cadance paddler the Ikelos maybe for you.

I’m not Gorilla Monsoon, so when I came to making a purchase I went with the Cyprus (straight shaft).

Safe paddling,


depends on your preferred tempo
These comments seem right on for me and many folks I have instructed.

If you prefer a bit higher tempo to your paddling vs a bit lower tempo the Cyprus.

I agree with others here, this paddle has helped me and others become better paddlers. Chris Duff took the Ikelos around New Zealand’s South Island, it must be pretty tough and good!

At 6’ 3" and 170 lbs. I can high tempo the Ikelos in my Outer Island or Explorer, but maybe not a smaller paddler or one again wishing high tempo.

Tempo does matter so make it a factor.