Werner Camano Fiberglass Adjustable length paddle for pack canoe - any opinions?

I’ve been considering getting an adjustable length paddle and am wondering if there are any downsides in terms of durability or function. I’ve had a couple of Kalliste’s and loved them, but the adjustable is too rich right now - a Camano FG might be in the budget. With three different pack canoes, it seems as though I’m sometimes searching for just the right length.
Follow up question - anybody use a Greenland paddle in a pack canoe? Wonder if that would be good for my aging joints…

I love my adjustable Celtic. I was leary at first. It’s a 4 piece and has been great.

New to double blades, but two piece paddles are nice when you need to put them in the car.

One downside I have found of most adjustable is that the connecting mechanism are generally external to the shaft. So causes trouble if you use that paddle as a spare paddle or the like (where you would be going under bungee cords on the deck).

I find that if it isn’t a high performance condition, having a paddle that is 10 cm off from what I like generally doesn’t cause me a problem. My personal paddles are 205 Shunas. Work has one 220 cm and many 230 cm Werner paddles with slightly smaller bales than the Shunas. All work just fine for me for most anything outside of surfing or rock gardens. I guess I am saying that if a paddle is close to what would be “optimal” length, it probably would work just fine.

Well curlymoe I’m curious about the adjustable Camano too. I got my first pack canoe recently and my Wenonah Advantage has a narrow paddling station. I have very little double blade experience, I think they make a 220-240 and a 240-260. I’m curious what length you’d buy (I’m selfishly curious whether the 220-240 would work for me or if it’s a bad idea).

I was wondering about the greenland paddles too. I remember seeing nice 1 piece carbon fiber ones for sale years ago.

You make a good point; it is hardly necessary to to be right down to the exact cm in length. I am not actually a professional racer, just an old guy getting out awhile as many times a week as I can. Today it was 2 1/2 hours on a creek stumbling over beaver dams. No sense talking myself into purchase that I really don’t need.

Well, I have three pack boats that are all 25 - 26 inch at the gunnels. Of course, depths and seat heights are all a bit different. I’ve also swapped through three other canoes in the past few years taking advantage of used goods just to try stuff out. So I’ve had a few different paddles based on gunnel widths ranging from 21 to 28 in. Since I was also learning to paddle it’s no wonder it’s taken me a while to dial things in. I recently picked up a 250 and it’s pretty much where I need to be; so I was originally thinking about a 240-260 Camano to play around with.