Werner Camano vs Sawyer V-Lam Sea Feathe

I am nearly finished on my build of a Pygmy Coho (very excited) and am now considering a paddle. Narrowing my choices down, I have been looking at the two in the subject line. The Werner is a tried a tested paddle, but the Sawyer appears to be sturdy, light, and in my opinion much more visually appealing (especially with my wooden kayak). The problem is that I can’t find much information on the sawyer paddle except for a couple of reviews on this site (one from someone who had never paddled with it). Can anyone give me any information on the Sawyer or an opinion between the two?

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I own a Coho

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and paddle it with an all-carbon Camano most of the time. I also paddle it with a wooden Grey Owl. The Grey Owl is a bit heavy, but I like how it feels in my hands and the flex. I have never even seen, much less held a Sawyer V-lam, so I can't give you any advice about it, but the specs show it is a little heavier. All I can say is that a couple of ounces can make a big difference on a long trip. Nothing wrong with owning both. :)

BTW, congratulations on you Coho. I know you will love it. Eventually I want to build a Coho Hi because my size 13 feet tend to protest a bit in the regular Coho.

It’s been year since Ive paddled with a camano, so I won’t comment there. That said the Sea Feather V Lam is a great paddle, light beautiful and really nice in the water. Its been my go to cruising paddle for 3 years now, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m thinking of adding the Orca v lam for higher angle exercise paddling.

I’m prejudiced
While looks might be a valid and desirable factor, I wouldn’t get hung up on it. My suggestion would be to look very carefully at both paddles and pay special attention to the ferrules. The new Werner ferrule is superb.

I have used my Camano extensively and under very trying conditions and it has never let me down. There were times when I wouldn’t have been surprised if the paddle had just snapped, but nothing seems to faze it. Mine is red and while it doesn’t have the wood thing going for it, it is a very attractive package and it shows up very well on the water. Don’t underestimate the importance of a highly visible paddle to catch the eye of power boaters.

Nothing negative about the Sawyer offering, but if you are really determined to have the wood look, Bending Branches makes a very nice paddle–the Navigator.