Werner Corryvrecken owners?


I’m interested in any comments from paddlers that have, or have had, the Werner Corryvrecken.

I’ve always liked the Kauai which is now the Shuna. Interestingly, the blade became smaller with the Shuna redesign while the Corryvrecken is a bit larger than its predecessor, the Molokai.

I own a Molokai and love the bite I get from the big blade. especially paddling a seakayak on the river. I also like the big blades as my recreational cadence is slower than many paddlers.

What I don’t care for with the Molokai is its demand for a high angle stroke. It seems to balk when using a medium angle relaxation stroke. Cavitation is noticeably greater, in my experience. The Kauai seems more forgiving of stroke angle, be it medium or high.

What do you like/dislike about your Corryvrecken? Have you paddled with the older Molokai?

Any and all comments appreciated.


I had a Corryv. It is a big blade and will wear you out. I also found it not to be the smoothest blade to use. Take a look at the Ikelos. Same blade size, but feels smaller due to foam core design. It is worth the extra money (expensive)


I honestly think W is too set in their

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ways..... a little modification and all of their touring paddles would be more versitile. versatile

Thats all i am saying ; (

Makes your
Big Boy look kind of attractive, doesn’t it?!!