Werner foam-core paddles

I am considering the purchase of a Werner foam-core paddle. I know it is an excellent paddle but am concerned about its strength and durability compared to the Werner non-foam core carbon paddles, especially when using the paddle to help enter and exit the kayak. Joe

use your paddle for getting in and out of the boat!

paddles are for pushing/pulling water, not a crutch for climbing into/out of a boat.

no graphite stik is good as a crutch.


I’ve got Werners…
Foam core, all carbon and glass. They say that the foam is most delicate but I have never had a problem with any of them…

Then again I don’t use them to get in my boat… and I don’t use the carbons for rescue practice…

Talk directly to Werner.
I would not be concerned about the foam core blades. Some carbon composite shafts are susceptible to sudden failure caused by localized fiber damage from mishandling. However, these shafts are not ultra-fragile. Laying a carbon composite shaft across the boat behind you in the standard boarding maneuver is highly unlikely to cause local fiber damage to the shaft.

I have c-1 paddles with carbon composite shafts, and I have regularly laid them across the boat to steady it against the bank while boarding. I have not incurred local damage to the paddle shafts.

Werner whitewater paddles are made with the same sort of composite carbon shafts as their touring paddles, and I can tell you that whitewater paddlers do not baby their paddles. If you are concerned, e-mail Werner and ask them.

I had a fifty percent workign roll
before I learned how to get in and out of a boat, and it’s still one of the hardest parts of the sport for me especially wiht a neoprene deck and gloves.

Take practice like everything else.

No business using a carbon paddle for that purpose IMHOP.

Can I sell you an nice foberglass paddle?

Shuna with foam core?
I just wish Werner made the Shuna in a foam core. I have demoed their Ikelos. It’s a wonderful paddle and I really like the bouyancy, but the blades are just too darn big for my paddling style. They generate a lot of torque both on the water and your shoulders ; - (

stay tuned
there are a lot of folks who think the same as you. and Werner is listening.

nuff said! :wink:



Foam cores give skis their flex. I fail to see how they would work well in paddles.

foam cores
from what I can tell with euro paddles add a little bit of buoyancy and playfullness to the blade, and they do add a little bit of flexibility, but it is easier on the joints. I don’t think the ski analogy works completely.

I have used a foam core AT white water paddle and it is much easier to use and roll with than say an all carbon fiber lendal paddle with the same length and blade shape and size. The lendal seems like a dead thing for you to control where as the AT foam core seems more alive, and for me more like a greenland paddle, which I like. But it could be nothing more than my perception of the paddle.

The “Liveness”

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of a GP these days is beginning to irk me a bit when I try do quick draw strokes. Good thing is that don't really ever have to do quick draws with the SOF. The bouyancy of the GP fights getting a good vertical stroke in. I definitely have no interest in a foam core Euro paddle since I have no problems with sculling and rolling with the (non foam core) paddles that I have now. No sense in getting something that may be create problems in another area, especially when I am in a ww or surf boat.



Foam cores work fine

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ever paddled with an epic signature? Foam cores make that smooth back possible, so that the paddle is efficient. I have yet to paddle a stroke with a paddle whose entry is as smooth as and epic signature, but my lightning stilll gets some use. Foam cores add bouyancy to the blade as well.

Many here would agree that the epic foam paddles are the standard for euro paddles. Most would place them in the top class at least.

Also foam cores are be more flexible than wood, but as long as they are laminated to the composite material the greatly increase the stiffness and breaking strength over the same weight of laminates alone.

I like wood core XC skis but if I were serious i'd buy foam core ones and replace them more often. My wifes karhus are foam cored to save weight over wood.