Werner Ikelos Bent or AT OS touring?

With everones help I have (almost) narrowed the choices to these two paddles. I paddled the Ikelos yesterday for a 10 mile trip and then some play time afterwards. I am not sure if the blades are a bit too big on the Ikelos as I felt some discomfort in my left shoulder at the end of the day. I think I like the foam core on the Werner but I did not paddle the Corryveckin (or whatever its called) that is not foam (same blade size).

Anyone dislike the foam core paddles? If so, why?

The AT has such a strong following but I can’t find a dealer that even stocks these paddles . Its weird. Seems that if I want to try one I have to order one… I emailed AT. Their response was pathetic. One word answers to my questions. Almost as if they could care less if they sell a paddle to an interested buyer.

On the plus side for the Werner, I rolled for the first time with it. Not sure if it was the big blade or all great help and advice I got from the staff at Atlantic Kayak. Whatever it was, it was the perfect end, to a perfect day paddling!

I can’t speek for the others…
I have been using the Kalliste and with the foam core. The back is smooth so it is a very quiet paddle with very clean entry and exit. Some say the foam cores are not durable for rock bashing.

I have the same problem as there are no AT’s near me…

The foam core has a lot of buoyancy so that might have helped your roll…

I have the corryvrecken and I like it a lot, even on longer paddles. It is cheaper than the ikelos, and for the little foam that is in the ikelos it isn’t worth the difference in cost.

The Corry has rather large blades. you might look at the Shuna, as well.

I personally like a short haft (210)small blade, high rpm paddle.

check out page 10 of the Werner catalog.


I tried the shuna (bent shaft 220 cm) for a while but there wasn’t enough bite. My wife tried it and liked it too much and then wouldn’t give it back to me, so I had to order the corryvrecken (bent shaft 210 cm) for myself. We are now both extremely happy with the paddles.

For what it’s worth -
I have the Werner Kauai carbon bent-shaft in 215cm. I believe it’s the predecessor to the Shuna. I use a high-angle style and I like the bite I get with the Shuna-sized blade. Check and see if the Shuna is very “spooned.” I find that the Kauai tend to flutter some with a really loose grip.


the shuna has been relived of the serious curve (what you call spoon) that was WF’s trademark for oh…soooooo many years.

personally I like a more neutral blade w/o all the hook/spoon/curve. I HATE wings! ;-p but that’s me.

lookin’ for 'em to build a foam shuna!!! yes, now that would be sweeeet!


Spoon and flutter

I did notice some flutter from both the Shuna and the Ikelos. That was one of the things that I disliked. I read somewhere that this is bad for efficiency. I use a two finger pull most of the time. (no “pull my finger jokes” please!) I also thought the pronounced spoon on the powerface was a little hard to scull with.

What is the down side of a bigger blade besides windage? If you know.

big blade/ big surface area/ big chance of pulling & pushing hard.

with a large blade YOU have more leverage on the water AND the water has more leverage on YOU. same with length, IMNSHO.

try BIG oar blades in the Grand Canyon and you’ll switch to small blades in a heartbeat, unless you are the HULK.

ol’ guy who looks for the EZ, effecient route…


Blade size?
Is the blade on the Ikelos or Corryvechen considered a massive blade? I am leaning to the Ikelos but wonder if I am biting off more than I should. I have a lanky build. 5’11 and 165 lbs. Not real big upper body. Is this a paddle for bigger paddlers? I tried the Shuna but it seemed on the small side. The Ikelos is maybe a bit too big. I have not been doing this long enough to know which way to go. Any help would be appreciated as I want to replace my 230 Camano ASAP (I’ll then have it cut for a spare).