Werner Ikelos Paddle????????

Doesanyone have any experience with the Werner Ikelos?

I have heard good things about it and I am thinking about getting one I am concerned though that the blade may be just too big.

I currently use a Werner Shuna and I like it. I could go for a bit more catch. However, I had a Werner Coryvrecken and it was just too much. I found that the blade was just too big and it would just wear me down.

the Ikelos is actually the identical blade size, but I have been told that because of its foam core, blade shape and increased boyancy that it does not feel as tiring to use.

Can anyone give me some feedback on the Ikelos???



I’ve got an Ikelos…
…but have no experience with the Shuna. Can’t give you a comparison there. I had been using an Onno Full Tour previously and find the Ikelos is a little easier on my body. I really do like the bouyancy of the blade. Seems to help it come out of the water. Nice paddle. Good personality.

Love it, used one full season
It does have an easier feel than other bigger catch paddles I have tried. The very light weight, the foam core makes it almost fly out of the water, pretty forgiving in a big wind for the blade surface exposed. I don’t like bent shafts, but got one here and I do like it. It is so balanced only needs thumb and one finger to paddle it.

I am not sure why but it does not hurt my arms and I can use a short efficient higher stroke rate, simiilar to a GP rate with it, unlike any other big paddle. Go figure, maybe someone with more tech know how can say. I know several people who are not big of stature who love it. I think Chris Duff uses it on expedition, read that on the www.atlantickayaktours.com site. Might want to check it out.

Have one also
I spend about 95% of my time with a wing, so I can’t say the Ikelos puts any strain on me… I do like the buoyancy of the blade, the light weight of the paddle in general, and the buttery way it slips through the water without that dihedral ridge. It’s fairly stiff for the type of paddle it is, although not in the same league as a wing, of course. I’ve done several 2+ hour paddles at intensity with it and was pleasantly surprised at its efficiency. Can’t say I’m a fan of the bent shaft though, as I like a somewhat wider than shoulder width grip and the bent shaft forces my hands to conform to its configuration, not what I find optimum for a high angle stroke. In all, though, a wonderful paddle. This, and the Epic Active Tour are amongst the best that I’ve tried in this class.

Foam Cores - smooth paddling
I’ve had a Kalliste and an Ikelos since soon after each was introduced and have only good things to say about them. My personal preference is the Kalliste with it’s slightly higher aspect ration but both paddles have similar “bite” and lightness. Either paddle is available with a straight shaft, though you may have to special order it that way. These arre among the “quietest” paddles around and handle on edge manuvering strokes better than most other paddles.

Crank-shafts are great for people who have tendonitis issues. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve never had an issue with wrist/elbow problems so I prefer the straight shafts since they are a bit more flexible relative to hand placement and paddle extension than the crank-shafts.

Neither the Kalliste nor the Ikelos have a particulary large blade compared to the larger spoons available. Werner has been great to work with over the years with quick response to special orders and delivering a quality product.



Shuna with foam core?

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I have the similar concerns in regard to the Ikelos.
The Ikelos blades are just so darn big and I'm no Gorilla Monsoon ;-)
Yes, Chris Duff, Leon Somme' and Shawna Franklin of the Boat, Body & Blade crew paddle the Ikelos. How do I know? I asked them. Yes, that makes for a nice recommendation, but keep in mind these folks paddle for a living. You and I are no Chris Duff (well maybe in my outdoor fantasies when I'm paddling with Justine Curgenven ... Oh never mind).

I current paddle a Epic Active Tour which has less surface area and no crank.
As an aging 50 something paddler I suspect that the Ikelos will be too much in the long run, particularly on my shoulders. You may want to wait before you plop down around $400 for the Ikelos. I have heard that Werner has been peppered with requests to come out with a foamed cored Shuna. I don't think you will see it this season, but possibly in '06. You could drop Werner a note, as I did and maybe this will speed things along.

Without question the best and most efficent paddle I have ever used. It grips the water, slices and seems weightless. Keep in mind that big paddle blades result in better grip on the water and if used correctly, put no additional strain on arms and shoulders, only require more abdominal strength for propulsion. Efficent paddles provide more propulsion per unit of effort. Better paddle=better paddler.

falcon can’t paddle straight!
hehe. not really! :wink:

yep, if you like a big blade and alot (read- ALOT)of catch this is a great paddle. Personally I think the blade has a bit too much catch and (especially) curve. The foam is nice, it does make the blade smooth, effortless on entry and light. BUT it’s BIG.

Werner has had about a zillion requests for a foam Shuna. Smaller blade with less curve and foam. owwwww ahhhhh. about 450 of them requests came from ME!!!

they’re working on it. I got to ‘play’ with a proto and …

oh yeah/ I’m waiting.


Ikelos Feedback
I have been using one for 2 years now and it is great. It has a big blade and that is good in some ways and bad in others. It is a very high impact design and I have found myself going into a shorter length from a 220cm to a 213cm and it has really help me with my posture. I have also become a more vertical paddler. This maximizes muscle use and can be good or bad. Overall, I think that for those of you that are out there on a leisure tour should stick to something like a Werner Camano or something like that.

I guess Flatpick would know if I paddle straight or not as he is always behind me. BTW I got busted by the Coast Guard today for paddling too close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge columns. It must have been because I was paddling so efficently and quietly that they thought I was a terrorist trying to blow up the bridge. Another drawback to a great paddle.

Werner Ikelos
I’ve had mine for about a year. I use a 210 cm length with my NDK Explorer and it works perfectly. The blade has a large face but the buoyancy of the foam core blade makes the exit part of the stroke effortless. The paddle does take some getting used to but I’ve paddled up to 30 miles in a day and was none the worse for wear. The shorter length allows for a faster cadence but the larger face requires less strokes to reach cruising speed. As a result, it ends up being very efficient.

SHORT is good
gar and NJ speakeyj the truth. this style of paddle works best in a short length. my shuna’s 210, my wifes is 205.


I’m 64
and I paddle with an Ikelos, no problems. I am a high angle paddler and used a Werner Kuai before the Ikelos. Leon isn’t very big and he has no problems, and of course Shawna is an amazon :slight_smile:

Thing is, I’ve started using a GP and carry the Ikelos as a spare.(a very expensive spare)

Go Onno

Well I got one…
I decided to get a Ikelos. I got the bent shaft model in a 210 length (I had been using a straight shaft Shuna 215).

I really like it. It is a smooth and powerful paddle and I find it is not too tiresome—perhaps this is partially due to the shorter length.

I find it is a great paddle. I feel more comfortable with this paddle in the shorter length than I did with the Shuna. I had heard similar comments from others in the past. Perhaps this blade design lends itself a bit more to a shorter length???


I agree
Yep had a 220 and use s 215 Ikelos, just exactly what you found.