Werner Kalliste Carbon Paddle stuck.

After getting it out a winter storage the 2 piece paddle was very hard to join. Now it is stuck together and will not turn. I should have lubed it first but it never was so tight before. What do I do?

Which ferrule do you have?

First off
The resolution to your problem has been answered many times just search the archives. I was told by the manufacturer to use some emery cloth and just sand it down enough till it goes together smoothly, do not use lubricant of any kind as this will only make it worse.

You and someone hold it by the blades
and GENTLY try to twist in opposite directions.You might try running hot water on the outside of the connection first.

Or, WD 40 would probably work.

Soak it

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in water if you can. Get it wet and after a bit try to pull it apart while gently twisting it back and forth. Don't use WD40 or for that matter any other lube. Very fine emery cloth after the thing is apart, and it should only take a very slight cleaning with the emery I might add. Putting any lubes only on it asks for other problems down the line.

Werner Kalliste Stuck
On my wife’s Werner Kalliste is imprinted “Pull Straight. Do Not Twist”.

So the earlier question about type of ferrule is an important one. This does not solve the problem, but twisting could damage the tongue and groove nature of the joint (at least on the one my wife has).


What I meant

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by saying gently twist was an ever so slight gentle move back and forth NOT a "let me make this sucker turn" motion. Yes if you twist it hard it will break. A slight move within the tolerance of the joint will usually do it.