werner little dipper (speed)

I just read werners discription of the little dipper. Will the smaller blade make for a slower ride? Or is technique the key. I’m thinking of this paddle for my wife. I need to wait or turn back for her as it is.

Dipper experience
I like a bigger face myself, and use the Camano. You can go with a faster cadence with the Dipper, but I find that with a good torso rotation, you can make the most of the bigger face, slow cadence, better speed.

OTOH, my wife at 5-2 105 lbs loves the Dipper.

With a fast boat (Seda Swift) and the Little Dipper, my wife and I (Camano and Prijon boat)are about the same speed.

On the motor and boat efficiency. Going to a smaller blade is like using a passing gear depending on the situation it may increase your speed. I like mine in a lighter more efficient boat as it increases cadence.

I’ve also used it in the Nord when in rough conditions and high wind as it increases cadence and gives you more bracing strokes. It also has a fairly sharp catch for a smaller blade and it may not wear her down. The optional small diameter shaft is great for smaller hands.

Worth a test.

Good comments
about the smaller blade, akin to a Greenland blade in terms of speed of stroke.

but while her stroke speed may increase, and she may enjoy the reduced stress on shoulders and joints, I doubt that a new blade will increase her overall speed sufficiently to “keep up” with you.

Ever considered slacking your pace so she can comfortably paddle with you? Crikey, I’m divorced but can still appreciate the feeling she must have always seeing you out in front.


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I use an Eddyline Wind Swift
as my main paddle and with shorter boats, can go just as fast than with a larger blade. May have a speed edge with longer boats for sprints but I find I can go further with a small bladed paddle.

what length?


Motor efficiency …
The smaller blades are really not ‘that’ small that one cannot keep pace with other in the group. It could be your wife just cannot turn over her current paddle where she feels comfortable … and as a result is just doing what she feels she can with it. Unless you are trying to keep your boat(s) going 5/8ths or more of their potential top speed for sustained distances, the smaller blades work great and will feel much more lively in to the less strong paddler. Proper length and lighter weight are just as important. I always feel the more experienced paddler should hand off or set the less experienced paddler up with the better equipment first.

Little Dipper
I have the Little Dipper as well as the Cyprus. I use the LD for touring and the Cyprus for surf and current. I find the Cyprus has quicker acceleration but once the boat is up to hull speed they are about the same.