Werner Molokai Paddle: any good?

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I just bought at auction on eBay a Werner Molokai 210cm all carbon, bent shaft paddle. Nice price, nice looking paddle. Looks like an Ikelos.

Anyone have exeprience with one? Any good? Likes and dislikes?

Why the name Molokai? And I don't think they make them any longer in this model. I guess that's because it was so efficient in the water that kayakers were paddling so fast it was unsafe, the kayak sort of became like a bullet in the water. A liability to Werner, I suspect. Anyhow, I snagged one.


Yep a friend has one
it is a full size blade that is very good for moving a heavy sit on top. I consider it to much blade for a standard sea kayak. It’s OK for short sprints.

Big Blade

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Named for the Molokai Hawaii Race?

I've used one in the past. Big bite on the water. A little harder of a catch than the current Werner Corywvrecken. Good eBay!ing.

See you on the water,

Used one for years.
Nice big blade, but not as nice as their new stuff for linking strokes. Works fine. If you got a good price, it is a good paddle.


See Sploosh review from 8/2002
Funny, and he seems to agree with you all.


Got the Molokai by Fed x ground Today
Clearly an all carbon bent shaft Werner with an attitude. Sploosh said it well in the above review. This will take some getting used to, and I can see how it’d be the paddle of choice for moving a barge-like sit-on-top or some other heavy boat.

All in all though, I wonder if this paddle blade has, actually, that much more surface area than my felllow paddler bruce’s Ikelos. They seem comparable.

I look forward to trying it out sometime soon. Yanoer heading out there with his Kalliste. Bohemia done grading papers and slows down for a couple weeks at Thanksgiving. If there is a gorgeous day–and that is a big if–then some locals should paddle and swap off all these paddles. Equipment test day.

I want to try the Werner Molokai and my Max Wing paddles in the Barracuda on a warm nuclear lake so that I can go very very fast, and dumps will not be life threatening.

Good luck with that!
I’ve gotten some nasty e-mails from that review. Too funny!

Here’s the rest of the story. I kept it around cause its light and sturdy, but it took two years to get used to that paddle. What’s that tell ya? The issue was with the paddler. I was out in a stiff breeze pushing a Tarpon 160 with that paddle last week and it occurred to me that it didn’t dive, flutter, or fly in the wind.

I meant everything I said in that review and I think the blade size is ridiculous for most people. But after some maturation as a paddler and gaining 20 lbs the Molokai has become what I hoped it would be when I bought it. It’s great for slow cadence strokes pulling a big boat and you can sprint a sleek boat with it. But it’s an odd bird - not for everyone.

Trust your opinion, sploosh.

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Well said. If I was in the D/Ft W area (I have a good friend Eric down there, but he won;t get a yak for his SUV and head out to Grapevine Lake no matter how many eBay Dallas ads I email him), we'd paddle dualing Molokais. As Werner no longer makes this model they are collectors items. Sort of, anyhow. Wonderful review from you. Wish all were that entertaining.

I'll pop a reviw on in six months or so after I've paddle the beast a few times.

Oops, gotta run, my egg cooker is going off.

Chris Duff likes them
According to his article, he used the Molokai on his circumnavs of Ireland and New Zealand. Then the Ikelos came out and he made the switch. I’d happily add a graphite Molokai to the gear cabinet if I could score a good deal. Congrats.

Congrats on the purchase Cooldoc
Next time we paddle we’ll measure it against the Ikelos.

If these guys make you feel stupid,
sell it to me!

Thanks for all the input.

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I will let any of you know if it's "too much paddle" for me, and you can buy it for the same price I paid for it.

Yes, bruce, we will try out each other's blades. Notice that I am trying to be like you in every way... but always one step below. Bruce gets the new Valley Aquanaut LV RM... I follow with the lowly Avocet. Bruce gets a spanking new Ikelos. I mimic with a used discontinued Molokai.


Here's a woven glass Shuna at 215cm, ideal length, for anyone so moved (yanoer likes these). I own two, they rule.

Yep, you guys were right on in ur advice