Werner paddle alternative?

I have a Werner Cyprus. Great, lightweight paddle, but I’m not sure I like the way the shaft is flattened where I grip it. I think I prefer a perfectly round shaft. Are there any other brands that are similar to a Cyprus, but with a round shaft? I’d like to stay very lightweight, as well. I’m assuming all the Werners have the shaft with flat spots?

Call Werner. They might make a Cyprus paddle with a round shaft as a custom order. They are a great company to work with.

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My Werner’s, Corryvrekken and Shuna, are round. I seem to remember in the past for a few models they used to make a flat spot or raised spot for folks that wanted an immediate indexing that could be felt… As above, speak directly with Werner.

How old is the paddle and did you buy it new? I have a Werner Cyprus - shaft is round.

I like quality wood paddles.

Thanks. I got it a year or two ago, brand new. I’ll see if I can get a hold of them to ask about it.

I have a Werner Shuna and a Werner Ikelos. None of them have a round shaft.

I just checked the two Werner Cyprus paddles we have. My wife’s has a small diameter, straight shaft which is just very slightly oval where you grip it. Mine is a standard diameter, bent shaft which is more noticeably oval at the grip areas.

Of course, our cedar Greenland paddles have oval looms along their entire lengths.

The flattening is very slight on the Werners, and I find It helps when I have to get my roll back again each year. Like now apparently based on Sunday’s results.

I have a similar thing with my H2O WW paddle which I like for the same reason, helps keep my hand set for a roll which in WW can come with no warning compared to most sea kayaking.

And it has been a while but my GP looms are also not perfectly round.

What bothers you about it?

I really like the indexing on my Lendals, feels very intuitive, I don’t even have to think about it. Other paddles often feel too small and slippery to me.

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Here’s what Werner said:

No we squash all paddles slightly so you can feel what the orientation of the blade is by the feel of the shaft. Our new adjustable length paddles have the left half compltetly round but the right half is still Indexed (what your referring to we call ovalized).

It’s not a huge deal, but I just prefer it round. Guess I am out of luck unless I go with another brand.

I think Celtic Paddles are all round shaft. Umingmak Paddle Center in Wisconsin is a US dealer.

Check out Aquabound. I believe their shafts are not indexed on the Whiskey and Tango models. They are actually lighter than the equivalent Werner models. My wife uses a Whiskey and likes it. I have tried it and it is a nice paddle, but it does not go into the water as smoothly as my Werner Shuna.

On the other hand, we both recently switched to the Werner Ikelos and we both love them.

Thanks. Only problem with Aquabound is they are still relatively “heavy” compared to my 23 oz Cyprus. Nice paddles, though. My first one was an Aqua.

Have you actually weighed your paddles?

My wife’s 2 pc Whiskey is actually several ounces lighter than my 2 pc Werner Shuna. I weighed each of them on my reasonably accurate cooking scale. I have found that my Werner paddles are consistently an ounce or 2 heavier than Werner claims while the Whiskey was actually a touch lighter than claimed.

You confused me with another poster. I suggested Celtic paddles, not Aquaboind. I have a coiple of Aquabound carbon shafts and they are alightly heavy compared to my otger paddles (higher end Werner amd wood and carbon GP’s). Celtics are light but costly.

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I have no way to weigh them, but the Cyprus feels really light.

My favorite paddles are Eddyline Windswifts

The Cyprus is very light. The only other superlight paddles I have used are my Gara wing paddle and an Onno paddle that I sold years ago.

Onno was helpful and easy to talk with, and the paddle well made, but somewhere in the intervening years since then he took payments and literally failed to deliver the product. So don’t buy from him unless it is C.O.D.

Yeah, I looked around a bit, and there really aren’t many better paddles out there. I used to have an Ikelos, but the blade size might’ve been a bit too much. Although, I do prefer a slower cadence. I guess the squashed shaft on the Werners isn’t a big deal.

I have been looking into Greenland paddles just for a change, but not sure if that would be a good choice for me since I don’t use a spray skirt. It seems like I’d be getting a lot of water on my lap.