Werner paddle extender

I e-mailed Werner asking them if they made an extension plug to fit the older shaft design (button & hole) so that I might use my 230 cm Camano in a canoe. Turns out that they used to, but have discontinued it due to their new ferrule system.

Anyone have one they wish to part with? Know where there is one sitting on a shelf?


I have a 240 Camano, and it is just a
bit short for solo canoe use. Also, I would prefer a shorter, wider blade, such as the Molokai. Having the button ferrule, I’m in the same situation as you. If you could come across a broken Werner with a button ferrule, maybe you could cobble together an extender. It would involve one splice in the extender section.

I’d consider
having a machine shop – or a friend with a lathe – turn one out of a piece of aluminum tubing. Having a bit of extra weight in the center shouldn’t affect the swing weight much. Werner may still stock spare buttons.

Interesting ideas
I do have a local machine shop that could handle the aluminum, but the “shorter & wider” comment got me to thinking: I have a Lightning standard in 220, and I’ll bet if I contact teh Lightning folks I could get a 30cm plug made…


spare buttons
Reid Tool stocks something that looks like the same thing, and they are pretty inexpensive (under $1.00) www.reidtool.com