Werner Paddle "shedding" glass fibers

PIcked up an old Werner paddle a few weeks ago. Looks like it was a nice paddle in its day, but the gel coat is gone on most of the shaft, so it’s shedding fibers when handled. I reached out to Werner, and they told me it was not salvageable, but someone must have come across this before. I’ve seen some posts that suggest painting (then I would cover). Any suggestions are welcome.
I’ve attached a close up of the shaft and the blade. I’m also curious as to how old this paddle is as well.

Remove any surface dirt and apply a coat or two of epoxy to seal it, then sand it lightly and put on a few coats of varnish. It will never be pretty, but it will stop shedding.

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I had that same model paddle in a 194cm length about 20 years ago. Mine broke in the shaft.


I had a blue shaft white blade Camano at least 20 years ago…
This looks like it’s been left out in the elements too long…
Even if coated not sure it has enough strength left in it…

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It’s fried.