Werner paddle stuck in one piece

I’d suggest trying…
… a couple hours of rolling and rescue practice with it! L If that doesn’t loosen up the shaft at least it will do you some good!

OK, we know that won’t happen, so try this:

Bring it inside in the AC and leave it a while (if it’s not already). Hold vertically and bang the ground solidly three times first (not enough to damage the blades - but enough to induce some small micro shocks along the shaft in a lengthwise direction - similar idea to inverting a jar and banging on countertop to make it easier to open. BTW, who opens the jars in your household? L). Then do as Pat says again (and again, and again…).

If you get frustrated. Throw it in your pool overnight. Try it again early in the morning.

My Werner San Juan got stuck once. Seemed immovable with several tries. Then it just did - and fairly easily. I may have dropped it (or thrown it on the ground!) right before that, but memory fades… :wink:

Gotta hold your right also
place tounge in proper position before starting pulling motion, snarl and also squint with left eye, this should work, oh yea and bite down on lemon slice with a splash of bitters


Old or new Werner
If older model, how about a shot or two of air through the button hole.

Will the air reach the area it needs to reach in the ferile, I wonder ?

This may break the vaccumn, spread the ferile, blow out some discharge, blow off the blades or nothing at all may happen.



Stuck paddles
What about trying the was you put on your wetsuit and drysuit zippers. Never tried it but?

stuck paddle prevention
Never use commercial lubes on paddle joints. They can and will degrade the bonding and material. For many years I have simply wiped some oil off my face (yeah I have oily skin) and rubbed it on the paddle joint during assembly. Best place to find this wonderful magic lube is along both sides of your snout. Learned this from an old guide while fly fishing. BTW-the reason most paddles begin sticking is that the ferrule is becoming slightly ovalized. On new paddles it’s just poor QC.

Yes and here’s the two things I did.
First I placed the entire paddle in cool fresh water (vs salt water). If that won’t get it to budge, trypacking a bag of ice around the joints.

BOth options have worked for me.

got it apart thursday

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I went to Florida Bay Outfitters to buy a back up paddle. (Got a nice one, Epic Signature model) Greg, at FBO kayak shop, held and twisted one end of the Werner while I did same on the other end. It came right apart.

What I learned;
1) never put anything but soap and water on your paddle
2) Clean it thoroughly before assemly if dropped in the sand.
3) get someone stronger than your 11 year old son to help you twist it apart should it get stuck.

Glad you got it apart.
There’s one more item that should be added to your list.

Take it apart and rinse in fresh water as soon as you go to load your gear after a day on the water.

Congrats on the new stick
tell us about it when you are ready.