Werner paddle stuck in one piece

It must have picked up some sand when I last assembled the two halves becasue now it will not come apart again. I mean it won’t budge a millimeter! It is as if it was welded into one solid piece!

On the plus side, it is solidly one piece now whereas before it was beginning to feel loose from wear. I tried a little lubricant but to no avail. Has this happened to anyone else?

Try heating just the outside portion of
the ferrule joint. Also, if you can rig up strap wrenches on the ferrule (try to avoid applying force elsewhere, except perhaps to the blades near the axis of the shaft), you can increase turning force.

Call or e-mail the manufacturer for advice.

Apply a few drops of liguid wrench to the joint, then twist a few times and pull. Then clean both parts well, put them back together and go paddling.

You’d think he would have tried that
already, wouldn’t you?

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I have a Werner Rec Tour
and did what onnopaddle suggested. It worked. Mine was stuck for over 6 months. I did the same thing on my aquabound paddle.

ok…thanks guys.
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I coat my graphite shafts with WD40 each time I assemble them to prevent this from happening. If you read all the posts above … the consensous is to spray the heck out of it with liquid wrench or WD-40, get some rubber gloves on and twist it while trying to pull apart. Good luck. Impala Bob

Vitamin E Oil…
Works great on graphite…

and smells better than WD-40…

I Have One
It happened to me on the Verde. Learn to live with it. I’ve tried everything.

Man,from all of my biking and other maintenance projects over the years,WD40 SUCKS!

That stuff is only good for one thing, to help free up seized parts…but to use it on a graphite shaft and keep the WD40 on there is just going to attract more sand and other dirt.

If you use it to free up a seized paddle shaft, I wouldn’t re-apply it, instead try using a dry lubricant or even a wax based dry lube that we use for cycling…“white-lightning” or “rock in roll” are 2 good lubes for bike chains that would probably work great for paddles.

It’s true
Oil will just attract more debris. Use graphite powder.

“Rock N Roll” Lube
Listen to what “Razor” said. My paddle has always been hard to put together and take apart. I recently tried “Rock N Roll” bike lube and it has made all the difference. One of the advantages of using a bike lube, as mentioned, is that they pick up much less dirt, sand and grime than many other lubricants.

I’ve tried everything Mentioned
Even pouring boiling water over the shaft didn’t work. You’ll find some shafts are fluted where they connect to prevent this problem. Trust me you will break your paddle before you can twist it apart.

I believe you.
I tried most of the above suggestions but the thing won’t budge. It is a solid paddle now.

Looks like that 2nd paddle is needed now. I go through too many narrow mangrove creeks to stay with a long paddle.

Jim, try the soak and wiggle

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a little more.... keep the one blade on ground between your feet and grasp it (shaft) @ the joint with one hand and the other way above.... take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus everything on that joint as you hurl yourself into micro moving it like a madman.... that tiny bit of movement will fuel you to keep going. It'll happen. Heat really does not help as the parts are like materials and will expand/swell equally.... the plastic feruled paddles will get even tighter unless you heat beyond HDT, then one is doing more harm than good.

Did That
I did that with one blade sandwiched between two logs. Also did it while pouring boiling water over it.

according to Werner…
Never put any kind of lubricant on the shafts. It makes things worse. They say use hot water and soap.

sex lube with warming potion ?
Offers everything P-nets have suggested, may collect sand and grit though