Werner Paddles - Premium vs Recreational

Does anyone have any experience using both Werner “premium” touring paddles (like Shuna and Camano) vs Werner “Recreational” touring paddles.

I’d like to get a high angle paddle like the Shuna, but $250 is a bit steep for a person who recently lost his job in high tech. Werner makes a Rec Sport paddle at a lower cost - $175 - with similar blade dimensions – Shuna (46cm x 18) vs Rec Sport (47cm x 18.5). Rec Sport weighs 3.5 ounces more than the Shuna.

Is the Shuna “really” worth the extra $75?

Werner paddles
Werner, AquaBound, and many others make a great line of quality paddles. I personally would buy a good quality paddle like a Skagit or Seaclude with fiberglass shaft and injection molded blades then make it my spare paddle when funds are available. Also online retailers sometimes offer great deals… just have to spend a few minutes with you favorite search engine.

I have
A Werner San Jaun nice paddle but get a Epic full carbon great paddle.

Have a Shuna fiberglass, and…
I do like the paddle, but a small complaint is that I’ve had a hard time finding a good place on the deck for it as spare (main paddle is my GP). The blades are so wide that they’ve cut into my bungee cords. Have had to use clear plastic PVC tubing to cover bungee. Also find it hard to fit Shuna as spare on back deck… no place is quite wide enough under bungees. Front deck works, but can’t use my deck bag. You’ll hear lots of comments about clean decks being the way to go, and paddles on front for quick access. But I like the convenience of a deck bag if it’s pushed up toward bow far enough to be out of the way of your forward strokes.

OH Yes "Really is"
I would hold out for the better paddle unless it was going to stop me from paddling because of spending the extra cash.

Have the Werner Rec Tour…
It was a big step up for me from the Aquabound Seaquel paddle. Very light by comparison, and I got the Werner as a factory blem for $100. It is all the paddle I need for now, but seeing (feeling)the difference has got me thinking about upgrading to an even lighter paddle next year. Not sure about your paddling requirements, but feel you will not be disappointed with the Werner Rec Tour for a season or two, especially if funds are limited. If I can remember the name of the company I ordered it from, I will post if for you so you can check if there are more blems available. The only blems I could find were a few tiny pits on the back of the blades. Also, the Werner label was adhered poorly and slightly off center.


Rec Tour, Seaclude, etc
Mark, thanks for input. I’m currently using an Aquabound Seaclude (weight unknown) with an aluminium shaft, fiberglass reinforced blades, all OK for low angle paddling position. I’d like to get something a little lighter, and, that would allow me to paddle from a high angle for some variety. It sounds like the Rec Tour would be a definite upgrade – fiberglass shaft and blade – but is still a low angle paddle like my Seaclude. Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t kid myself into thinking I have the potential to be an aggressive, high angle paddler!?! Let me know if you recall the same of the place you got your Rec Tour. Thanks.

Werner blems
No product review here, just wondered what a search for “Werner blem paddle” would produce.

See here for a Werner built, similar 220 or 230:


or here for a Werner Rec Tour:


Both at 35 ounces.

B nystrom told me
just string a bunch of beads over your bungee so that the edge of the blade does not cut the bungee. I got mine at michaels craft center held them with a vice grip and drilled out the right sized hole wiht my cheap plack and decker. He also recommended a light rounding over the edges of the blade with a fine sandpaper so as to reduce cutting potential

He thinks too well, but I am still glad to paddle with him.

I have the shuna carbon bent shaft and I really enjoy it. Whether slow cruising with my wife or working out by myself it does a fine job, and the acceleration is remarkable when you really dig in with it.

I bought a Werner Rec Tour
So, I bought the Werner Rec Tour today. Larger (longer and wider) blades than my Seaclude, and a whole bunch lighter!! I can’t wait to try it out on Friday on the “big” part of the Charles River out towards the Museum of Science, MIT, etc.

I’ll let y’all know how it goes!!

Hope you like it.
Mine is still working out great. Best purchase I’ve made this year.

liquid logic paddle?
Does anyone know if the Liquid logic blem paddle offered by NRS is a Rec Tour paddle or is it a different Werner model? Looks like a sweet deal.

Werner Rec Tour – I love it!!
Finally got to try my new Werner Rec Tour yesterday and today. Maybe it’s just 'cause it’s new, but, wow, what a difference!! I really love it. It feels practically weightless! The slightly larger blades let me “dig-in” to the water a little more, and move me a bit faster than my old paddle. Lighter fiberglass shaft makes it a joy to paddle!

Did a 10-mile paddle today from Brighton (MA) all the way to the Museum of Science and back again! I felt great (but will probably need a few aspirin tonight). A better paddle makes a huge difference!

Werner paddle
I have a Werner Camano. Absolutely worth every penny! Be aware that because of extremely tight tolerances that a two piece Camano will become a one piece Camano unless the it is kept clean. If this happens to you Werner will fix or replace the paddle free of charge. Great paddle, great company!

I have a 230 rec tour
I can’t imagine needing anything more. But I think i might swap it for a 220 rec sport - when I get into close corners or shallows, i feel a bit cramped and cant seem to get enough blade in the water w/ the feathering. As for trading up, i can’t find a reason.

Werner Kalliste
I’m new to the whole kayak thing. I bought a Perception Sundance 12.

I also bought a Werner Kalliste 230. It cost me $375.00!!! It was the top of the line and felt great. I do admit I had a bit of “buyers remorse” at first, $3750.00 for a paddle. Still, I do love it and should never have to upgrade.

By the way…is this a good paddle? ( I’ll cut my wrists if you guys say no )

I love my Kalliste…

It’s my fifth paddle so I’ve been around the block…

You got lucky on the first try… GH

New Rec Tour - Blem
Just got my new Rec Tour Blem paddle for $99. Not sure what the blem was but it is great. What a difference from my $99 Aquabound Sequel. Happy Father’s day to me. Thanks to whoever posted about these deals.

In search of the perfect paddle
I’ve accumulated a collection and can tell you that it’s a lot cheaper to try it (extensively) before you buy it. I have Werner premiums (San Juan), as well as their recs (one of the few brands where you can get a 220 with a big blade), and they’re good paddles, but probably not the best for everyone. It pays to invest in getting the best paddle for your usage, which isn’t always the lightest. My favorite for open water is an Epic carbon, which adjusts for offset and length. It’s like going from a single speed to a multispeed bike. You can change gears depending upon the strength and direction of wind, waves, current, etc.