werner paddles ?

I’m looking at a classified for a used werner paddle that states:

Werner Mid line touring paddle,carbon fiber material. Feather angle of the blade 60 degree…

When I contacted the owner asking for the model the reply was that the tag just stated ‘Mid line’

Can I tell what model paddle this is on that info alone? What does Mid line mean?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Rec Tour line used to have names similar to mid tour. Be wary of the term “carbon fiber” when used by sellers, it might be “Carbon reinforced nylon” blades which is not the same.

In the glass and carbon fiber blades you can see the weave.

A pic would help a lot.


fiber paddle
I use an early modle that was purchased for the spouce to use. I use it for the second day of white water trips. The shaft is of corbon fiber also and is very light to use. THe blade is a combonation glass and fiber. Some where a leak has formed and by the end of the day weight has increased some but not critical. Over night draining and back back to the water we go. I love it and use it often.

my guess

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Several years ago, Werner introduced a 'performance at a price point' line of paddles. The first versions of these were just called the "Mid" (for "Middle of the Line" I assume). There was a Mid Tour and a Mid Whitewater. The WW versions, at least, were great paddles. They were half the price of Werner's high end glass sticks, but with the same composite shaft, same blade profile, and a blade layup that was only marginally heavier.

They discontinued the series fairly quickly, I think because it took sales away from their premium lines. I certainly was one of those customers - saw no reason to spend another hundred bucks to save a few grams and get a 'sexy' translucent blade, when the Mid paddle was functionally identical and more durable.


Midline not carbon

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The Werner midlines where not carbon fiber.

A new carbon fiber Werner is about $300-400.
The fiberglas ones (still very good paddles) are about $220.

I think the midlines where less than that new. I believe the midlines where nylon blades.

I think I own a Werner WW midline paddle.