Werner Paddles...

Have any of tried the Werner Cascadia? I am looking at them but I can’t find any reviews for them. I would jump up a grade if necessary, but I wanted to see if anybody has tried this paddle yet and what their thoughts are on it. Thanks


I’ve got one grip sized for my wife. It’s a good paddle, just a notch below and a tad heavier than the Werner Camano, which is my favorite. Can’t think of a thing I dislike about the Cascadia and would buy another.

My Werner paddle will sink if the individual pieces are put in the water. I called the factory and they told me it can’t happen because it has plugs in it. I told them that mine didn’t have any plugs in it and that it sinks. They told me it cannot leave without plug and that I must be wrong.

When I asked what could be doen to resolve the issue they said I could ship it to them at my cost (both ways) and they would check it to make sure it floats.

Obviously I’d never recommend them.

Plug it
Squirt some of the foam insulation stuff inside the paddle to plug it. Make sure it is far enough inside the female side of the ferrule to not interfere with assembling the paddle.


ONNO Paddles
Call Pat talk to him and let him help you get the right paddle at a better price with fantastic customer service. Lightweight and very strong, more bang for the buck.


JT in Central Florida

resolution idea
Frank, is this is a new paddle and you noticed the lack of floatation soon after buying it?

If that’s so, why not have the place where you bought it go to bat for you. Have them test it. Then Werner will have the dealer’s statement to support yours. You wouldn’t have to pay for shipping both ways.

At that point Werner would likely replace the defective paddle no charge. They have a very good reputation for workmanship and taking care of their customers. There is a reason they are the choice of many kayak and canoe enthusiasts, as well as guides and world class paddlers.

I hope it works out for you.

Dealer seconding
My experience with Werner has been very good.


I am seconding you getting your dealer to weigh in.

Werner has a very good reputation for backing their paddles.

Much ado about nothing.
Cut some ethafoam strips from an old pool noodle or minicel strip, stuff into shaft, go paddling and quit worrying.

Life is not perfect. Adapt or die.