Werner-shaft diameter

Cyprus small or regular straight shaft? . . . .my small hands are actually right on the chart dividing line. Several mile test paddle with both gave first impression that smaller shaft was more comfy. No idea though if there are subtle differences with winter gloves, durability of smaller shaft, gripping for rougher water bracing, and other considerations. Is it not a big deal, go with whatever felt better?

Go with what feels better
The chart is really just a guideline on what you may want to try. Durability of small shaft shouldn’t be an issue as long as under normal use.

sounds like me

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XS hands in glove size. My palm is 2.75" across, but my fingers are long enough to put me on the Werner borderline, too.

Happily use a Cyprus 210cm straight shaft, regular shaft. Love this paddle.

I do wear gloves all the time by preference, seems to give me a little more traction on the smooth carbon ferrule when I need it, yet allows a light loose spin (I've always paddled open handed on the push hand) and a nice glide when moving for a brace or scull.

My intuition is that my gloves also make my palm just that much wider to make the regular shaft work. Maybe paddling barehanded would mean the small shaft for me or you.

There is no right or wrong. Base your choice on what feels right. Have you been able to demo a Werner Cyprus in your preferred length? Danny Mongno of Werner let me use one exactly like what I have now for a half day's classes
including bracing and rolling at a symposium in 2007 and that clinched the deal for me.

Either way, take off the drip rings. If you paddle high angle your hands will get wet anyway. Save the weight, save the clutter. Drip rings basically snag on rigging or other things when you least want it.

yes, I tried a 210 ansd 215 and liked the 210 . . alos what the Werner website suggest.

Personal feel -preferences matter more
The sizing likely works OK for most, but some with small hands will like regular and some with large will like smaller shaft. Their preferences may even switch depending on paddle and use.

Sort of stuff others can’t answer for you very well, at least not really any better than a standardized sizing guide IMO.

small shaft

Long distance
Some folks find too small or too large a shaft causes cramping of the fingers. U might want to demo one for at least one hour of tempo paddling.

I have one small shaft Werner…
You can add tennis or bicycle tape to increase the diam. I used tennis handle tape and it’s been on there for years.

I’m in the same boat
Have a Werner Camano in straight, normal shaft. Never really had a problem with it, so when I went to whitewater, my first paddle was a Werner Rio, also in straight normal diameter shaft. I was trying not to spend a zillion bucks right off the bat.

Then the hand pain started. And it persisted into paddling with the Camano in my big boat.

Now I won’t deny the hand pain started with the whitewater paddle grip o’ death!

Recently I demo’d a small diameter bent shaft Shuna in the big boat. I went shorter, going from 220 to 215 and rocking a more aggressive paddling position as I wasn’t just paddling flatwater anymore, but playing around in surf.

I am 6 and 3/4" palm to fingertip. “Between sizes, try both” says the Werner site.

And the small shaft and bent angle - much, much better in the Shuna. No hand pain. I ordered one, relegating my Camano to the spare paddle position.

My birthday paddle (I have a super husband!) for the whitewater boat was a small diameter bent shaft Sherpa. I used it last weekend and the hand pain, gone. I’m also not whitewater grip o’ death anymore too.

What I did note was that I have more control with the small shaft when angling the paddle for rolling or odd bracing or ruddering with it.

Just my story to add to your dilemma.