Werner Sherpa or Sherpa Carbon??

Any advice on the differences outside of the obvious full carbon and is it worth going Sherpa Carbon over regular Sherpa. Plan on doing whitewater up to Class III for now as well as slow moving rivers, some flat water and coastal play (no rocks). Thanks for the insight. Also if it helps I will be using it with a Dagger Katana 10.4

The key difference is weight. The importance of a lighter paddle is directly proportional to the number of strokes you are going to take. On a long haul of flatwater kayaking the lighter paddle will save you significant work. For most whitewater river paddling you are less likely to even notice the additional weight. If you paddle 20 or 30 miles in flatwater you want as light a paddle as possible. If you are going to spend a couple hours splashing in the rapids the cheaper fiberglass paddle will be fine.