Werner Sherpa vs. "Demshitz Sherpa"

What the HECK is the diff between them? Werner’s website gives the blade size for both as identical, price is the same. Besides the weird graphic on the blade, is there any difference from the standard Sherpa? My Sherpa is 7 yrs old, sorta beat up and faded, and I would like to get a new one ready, because the zero-feather and slightly shorter shaft I want are unlikely to be in stock at any shops. I had to custom-order the old one just for the zero feather, even with stock length. Now, apparently, Werner offers much finer sizing increments and shorter lengths, so it looks like I can order one that is just right instead of “It’ll do.”

And I really should NOT have looked at their expanded sizing options for the Shuna and Cyprus! For a long time now, I’ve felt that a length of 200 cm, or even 195, would feel better than the 205 I bought those in. That was as short as they made them in 2007. And the sea kayak I later bought and still use is almost 2" narrower than the ones I paddled back then.

Damn…all three come to $925.

Demshitz paddle gets your stoke up to boof like a hair boater so you can stomp dem stouts instead of beatering in the gnar. don’t forget to throw a Brown Claw after you run the shit.


Where is Fat Elmo when ya need him?
Whitewater river pidgin, I guess.

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