Werner Shuna or Sawyer Orca V-Lam Paddle

Trying to decide on which of these kayak paddles to get for my solo canoe. They both give me high angle and adjustable length, but the Sawyer has the option of a crank shaft which is a plus. They both are about the same weight. Around the same price, as well. The Sawyer has a much better look (to me, at least) but I’m curious if anyone has experience with either? Thanks!


Until Sawyer provides better blade size information, those two are hard to compare:

Shuna = 615(cm2)
Orca = 812(cm2) by my conversion based on website 7" x 18" blade which is probably inaccurate due to curves.

Shuna is easy on shoulders. An Orca blade at 812 is almost 100(cm2) more than my Corryvrecken. I could not imagine paddling that blade.

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Hmmm, yeah that’s a good point you have there.