Werner Shuna vs Corryvreckan

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in a high angle paddle. I’ve been looking at the two in the tittle, fiberglass specifically. I couldn’t find much information on the Corryvreckan other than the info given by Werner.
Pretty much the Corryvreckan has a little over 100 cm2 of surface area more than the Shuna and weights 1.5 oz more (27.75 vs 29.25oz). Anyone that has been able to test both that may have some comments? Does the weight make a difference? Will a full size blade tire me much faster?
I am 175lb and am 5’7". Paddle mostly flatwater on a touring kayak but would like to use it for moving water on my crossover a few times a year.
Any indivisual comments are welcome!


If your shoulders are (or will be) an issue, the Shuna will be more merciful.


I have both paddles. Used the Shuna for 3 years until my paddling stroke was solid enough with torso rotation to upgrade to the Corryvreckan several years ago. If you “arm” paddle, get Shuna. The Corryvreckan will tire you quickly if not using your core muscles … and, as stated above, your shoulders will pay a price eventually.

That being said, the Corryvreckan is my go to paddle, however there are many days that I am less aggressive and happily relax paddling with a GP.

I have a Shuna and an Ikelos. I think the Ikelos is the same blade size as the Corryvreckan.

But I have to say, it is not only a question of getting tired faster. It is also a question of being able to control the larger blade in the water. If you don’t have the necessary strength to do that, you may end up getting less power from the larger blade.

When I use a europaddle, I usually use the Ikelos, especially for training maneuvering. One of my favourites is to turn the kayak by doing reverse sweep strokes with the blade fully submerged (sort of like the Haghighi turn). This is a quite forceful maneuver with a lot of pressure on the blade.

However, this week, after a somewhat inactive spring and summer, I simply couldn’t make it work. I could not get the usual lift from the blade. After some experimenting it dawned on me what was wrong: At some point in the stroke, the blade made a “bounce” under the water, because I did not have the necessary strength to make a smooth movement. And this bouncing cost a lot of power in the stroke.

So I ended up going back to my car and pick up the smaller Shuna, which I luckily had brought along. And suddenly my Haghighi’ish turn started working again.

Quite a humiliating experience, actually. But good learning.

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Mostly echoing here, but the Corryvreckan is massive. May be too much blade unless you’re very well conditioned.

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I have a carbon Corryvreckan I don’t use anymore since I bought a Lendal which I prefer. If I remember correctly I prefer the catch on Lendal paddles, but it’s been awhile since I compared them side to side so who knows. I also prefer the indexing of the Lendal. I was using the Corryvreckan when I was paddling a lot, at least 3 days a week mostly surfing and rough water playing, and liked it because it was durable and had a lot of power. I think I broke the blades off/cracked a few Ikelos before realizing they were too delicate for my gorilla style at the time. The Ikelos is a much smoother and more forgiving blade, and crazy buoyant as well.

I did have to be mindful of my form, because it is easy to give yourself a bit of a repetitive stress type injury with such a big stiff paddle. I got a touch of tendinitis in my forearm at the beginning of a two week trip using the Corryvreckan, but it went away after a day or two.
So if you have good technique and conditioning the Corryvreckan might not be a bad way to go. But if you’re white knuckling your paddle at all you will end up sore.

The little Shuna in fiberglass with a straight shaft would be a great all around paddle, and later on in your paddling progression, it would make the perfect backup paddle to ride along on the deck. That’s the way I would go until you’re ready to pony up for a carbon paddle, maybe something that’s a hair smaller than the Corryvreckan, and a bit bigger than the Shuna.


I think you will find much goes to personal preference. And my example, being opposite of what some said above, is an example of that. I have settled on the Shuna as my preferred paddle.

Over the years I have owned Camanos, Shunas, and Corryvreckens, along with other brand paddles. Camanos are smaller blade than I prefer, so I no longer own.

Currently I have (all straight shaft):

  • Carbon Shuna 205cm
  • Fiberglass Corryvrecken 205cm
  • Fiberglass Shuna 205 cm - buttons stuck such that this no longer is taken apart. Lives at a kayak shop I work at and used when I am teaching/leading tours
  • Fibergass Shuna 230 cm - longer than I like, so rarely used.

For my pleasure paddles, I carry the first 2 (use one, other as spare on deck). If I am doing rock play I use the Corryvrecken. But I find the blade is a bit large, so I would prefer to use a Shuna (but would rather not risk the carbon blades of my current Shuna, so don’t use). Anything else and I am using the Shuna with Corrvrecken on deck as spare.

I have both a fiberglass Shuna and an Ikelos, both 210 cm. I am 5’7 and 160 lbs and a very recreational paddler, i.e., I like to go out for anywhere between 1 and 4 hours for relaxed paddling on flat or gently moving water.

I like both paddles and would likely be happy with either if I had to stick with just one. Generally, I prefer the Ikelos as it is noticeably lighter than the Shuna and the carbon / foam blades jump out of the water in a way that fiberglass simply does not. The Ikelos does not trouble my shoulders, but that is likely more due to my relaxed pace and shorter duration trips than my paddling technique.

Nonetheless, I do like the flexibility the Ikelos gives me. I can paddle at a relaxed pace with gentle strokes and still move along. At the same time, if I want to accelerate hard, the Ikelos pulls lots of water and gets me up to speed very quickly. Even when fighting headwinds and at least gentle currents, I don’t find the Ikelos too much of a strain.

Hope this helps.

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Shuna 615 sq cm
Corryvreckan 721 sq cm

Ikelos 691 sq cm smooth back cleaner entery and exit,

I have a Shuna in fiber glass 215 not a bad paddle but to small for me I get frustrated. I got it with a kayak.
I have Corryvreckan in CF 210 cm long I like it but it’s a big blade and back is not smooth. I have two Ikelos CF a 205 and a 215. Sweet paddles one I use it in my Libra XT 32” wide x 22’ tandem and 205 in my 24” wide Solstice and Nomad / Extreme. As stated above CF Ikelos does come out lighter due to foam an clean back. I usually go 8-20 miles when out. I am 6’ 240 67 years old.