Werner Shuna vs Cyprus

So what’s the preferred paddle between the two? I have heard that the foam core Cyprus can break easier. I tried the Cyprus and really liked it. Is the Shuna more durable? What is the boards recommendation?

Not same
Cyprus is ever so slightly different from Shuna. Different catch, different behavior for some strokes.

Need to try both.

That said, both are nice paddles, Shunas a bit cheaper :slight_smile:

Stengthwise - if you try really hard there is no unbreakable paddle.

Purchase both
Great paddle and a great back up that way. Who said you can’t have it both ways?

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For even fairly rugged sea kayaking, I don’t think there’s much difference in the durability of the two paddles.

The Cyprus/Ikelos paddles are noticeably smoother and faster (meaning less drag) during skulling and ruddering strokes. That totally continuous curve on the back face is really awesome in those strokes where the paddle is moving sideways through the water.

But the weight difference is almost nothing between the two, and the Shuna is much cheaper. You can’t go wrong with either. They’re great paddles. If you like to mess around with technique a lot, you’ll probably appreciate the Cyprus, but if you mostly paddle ahead, my guess is that you’d be just as happy with the Shuna.

I prefer the Cyprus
I have one of each. I use the Shuna as backup. I cannot speak to relative durability, but I find the Cyprus much smoother in the water, and I always prefier it. My Cyprus is 205-cm, bent shaft vs. my 210-cm, straight shaft Shuna. But, I agree with other posters that they are both great paddles.

you gotta want more
Foam core! Seriously. I paddle an Ikelos and now every other blade i try feels dead in the water compared to a foam core blade. If you break that thing it’ll be doing something ridonculous. It’s a strong paddle. I’d get the Cyprus.

I like…
…what natehansen said. Mirrors my thoughts exactly.

FWIW…I paddle with a BS 210 Cypress and have a 210 Ikelos on my deck. I’ve used the Shuna a fair amount and would be happy with one as my primary.

I agree totally with Jesse
After using a foam core Cyprus paddle, I am spoiled for any other type.

I have both
and prefer the Cyprus. The Shuna is a fine paddle, I just like the Cyprus better. It’s smoother and links strokes easier. You won’t break it unless you misuse/abuse it. No paddle is unbreakable.

Breaking paddles
What type of kayaking are you doing? If you are not going in the surf or otherwise abusing, the Werner foam core paddles are plenty tough enough. They will spoil you.

I no longer use any type of sea kayak paddle in the surf. After breaking two, I now use a one-piece, not foam core whitewater paddle for those days.

How are you breaking them in the surf?
Are you hitting bottom with the paddles or forcefully rolling by holding the blade tip as a lever? Just curious…

I have not done that much surfing but I’ve done some surfing and I’m not sure how I would break a paddle before breaking my arms -;). In surfing as well as in some WW that I’ve done with my wooden and also my new foam-core GP that I made recently - they seem to be strong enough for what pressure I can place on them while bracing, steering, or forward paddling.

I’m sure I can break either of the above paddles if I try a very forceful roll with extended paddle holding the tip of the blade. “Normal” extended paddle rolls, e.g. that are not forced but reasonably efficient did not break them. If I hold the paddles in normal paddling position so far they have held-up just fine - no paddle should break there anyway, IMO.

Similar but not identical behavior
For me, the Cyprus blade is a bit more forgiving and has a slightly more defined-feeling bite. But they’re very similar, enough so that I use the cheaper and heavier Shuna as my daily driver, with the Cyprus becoming the main paddle on camping trips (Shuna as backup).

Can’t speak for durability yet.