Werner "smart ferrule" button stuck

I use a Werner Ikelos paddle that has the newer “smart ferrule” locking mechanism. In the past I have had the button get jammed (usually with salt or sand) and it just takes a quick flush with water and a pen to pop the button back up. This time, the button is flush with the paddle and wont return back up - even when pried with a flat head screw driver.

Anybody have this problem before? Seems like its a mechanical issue, but the spring is in place and moves fine. I’m drawing a blank.


Try again.
I would depress the button as far as possible and while holding the button in that position, rinse out the mechanism with a pressure spray. If that doesn’t work I’d probably give Werner a call and see if they have any suggestions.

Had that problem with my Cyprus

– Last Updated: Jun-21-16 10:55 PM EST –

These were the instructions received:

"Take a pen and push the hook up which is the locking latch at the base of the button, this is inside the shaft. This should pop the button up. Once button is up repeat the process push button down ,push latch up, this should remove any debris stuck in there. You can also run warm soapy water in the shaft while doing this to help the process. Let the paddle dry upside down with blades up to remove all debris. Please do not use any lubricants as this can cause more dirt and debris to collect in the paddle."

Also, "When you look down the shaft you should be able to press the button and see the spring move left and right as you press it. If the spring is not still intact that means it has an issue."

I had an issue with the spring. Werner replaced my paddle (warranty replacement).