werner vs Zav

I looking at the Oak Orchard web site and they showed a werner Bent shaft. Since black is my favorite colour (followed by kevlar blonde) I looked a little closer. The handle seemed to be a more of a "Tee’. The blade seemed to be more tear dropped shape. I was wondering if anyone has paddled using both of them for a comparision?

Charlie NC

Yeah, I have
The Zav has the better grip - the Werner’s grip is a little square, which will wear over hours.

The Werner is a little wider and shorter - which tends to force a wider, less vertical stroke. On the whole, both are great sticks.

palm grip for '09

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Werner finally buckled to the fact that recreational paddlers were using the paddle and have changed the T-grip to a palm grip.

The Werner paddle is stiff, light, and has one heck of a bite. I would compare it to the Power Surge. The shaft is tapered and ovalized, which I found difficult to paddle sit and switch. I believe the blade has a layer of Dynel sandwiched in the edging as other Werner carbon paddles do. My impression is that it is a tough paddle. People rave about Zav's durability, the Werner paddle should do even better.

It's not as light as a Zav, and the powerful blade matched with a shaft that doesn't work well with aggressive sit and switch throws me off. The other difference is that the shaft is inserted into the blade whereas Zav glues the blade into the shaft. Werner's way is stronger, but it means the shoulder transition steps up a diameter. With these paddles you would never hold the paddle at the throat, so no big deal.

I like the Werner paddle for a extremely reliable tripping paddle. Good for cruising and daily paddling, but for aggressive paddling and racing, Zav's Power Surge is definitely the paddle you want.

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Thank you
Appreaciate the input. If I pay $250:US For a paddle it better be good for racing or beating my brother in law with…

White water is here Charlie
If we weren’t in White Water season up here i would borrow a Werner from Oak Orchard and do the comparision for you. Maybe i can snag one before my next trip to Charlotte to see the growing Blake clan and we can try it in your Jensen.