Wesport River East Branch?

I can’t find a lot of info. for this one. Is this a fun paddle? Where’s the best put in? Better to go with the tides both ways? Any hazards out of the ordinary? How’s this compared to the West Branch? I’m thinking of it this weekend. Thanks as usual for any help.

Grand…love it…i prefer to start at the Back Eddy and put in at the boat launch and paddle upstream to Hix brdige then back down again to the back eddy for a pint…

great area…can get muddy at low low tide…

LOTS of osprey and wildlife…

nice safe paddling place…


make sure to drop in at osprey sea kayak in westport and meet Sam and Carl and Hugh and Iz and Whomever else might be there that day!


Thanks, where’s the Back Eddy?

Westport River

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Timely post. I don't get on here but once a month these days but happen to live in Westport.
The East branch is a good paddle on all but low tides. ( Allot of the river can get to be less than paddle depth on a low tide. In these conditions, you have to follow a meandering channel which can be a PITA). The river gets pretty wide in some areas with lots of areas behind the islands and grass hummics to explore . The river runs N-S more or less and generally catch's the predominatly SW onshore (i.e upriver) winds in the summer. The easiest put in is at Westport harbor near the junction of the West and East branch. This allows you to paddle upriver and then back to your car. ( in a large circular route if you have 1/2 tide or better.) The ramp is right at the bridge on Rt 88 and there is a $6 (if memory serves) fee to use it/park. ( BAckeddy Restaraunt borders teh ramp) It can get hectic on holidays/weekends though. If your up for a longer/ all day paddle and have two cars, you can put in at the head of westport (old county road landing) and paddle up to hix bridge (residents only ramp) or beyond to the state ramp mentioned. In a strong wind, reverse your route so the it's at your back (if the tides incoming, you'll zip along!) . As with any SW river, picking your route to match tide/wind is a smart thing.
p.s. West branch is a very similar paddle but much shorter and not quite as scenic/wide/diverse. You can put in there at the beginning of river road at a small landing. This branch is VERY shallow on lower tides.

small world
i live in upstate new york now, but i graduated westport high 15 years ago. still miss the beach. only make it back once or twice a year and unfortunatly never with a yack. i believe there is a kayak outfiter at the Head landing (drift and county), i’m sure a call to them could answer all your questions.