West Branch of Penobscot Questions

Going on a canoe trip with my dad and bros and a few others. Hoping to plant a car at Chesuncook Village, put in at Lobster Stream and paddle for a couple days back to Chesuncook Village to take out. Is this possible? or a good idea?

Its can be done. The road to Chesuncook village is rough… Better in a high clearance vehicle. I have not done it but have paddled by the village put in twice. Never seen a car there, Pickup trucks yes If you have strong paddlers and another day a paddle to the foot of Chesuncook is possible with the blessing of the wind gods and that parking lot is right off the Golden Road and passable by all vehicles

One of my brothers has a plane to catch the day after we get back so I can’t risk it with the wind gods… I drive a Tacoma and my dad drives a Jeep, we’ve been driving around up there before off the Golden Road grouse hunting but have never actually driven to road to Chesuncook Vilage. Thanks for your reply!