West Branch Susquehanna trip

My first canoe camping trip was awesome. I put in at Karthaus Pa and took out at Keating. My thanks to everyone for advice on trip and bears and snakes and such. We saw none of the above. The river was at 2.1 feet at Karthaus the day before we left and went down from there. That is the minimum sugested depth but we made with a very heavy load. We camped at mile 119 right by Moores run rr. The campsite was perfect with plenty of wood and a deep swimming hole right in front with a very easy take out. We saw 1 Elk and several does with their fawns(still in spots)

I forgot the rain gear and even though that should have cursed us for sure we didn’t have any foul weather. I had to get out a few times on the way to get past some shallows but my wife didn’t have to get out until we reached the take out at Keating. I think my wife and I are hooked.

My first canoeing was on West Branch

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I'm so pleased you liked it. If you're like me, you are hooked indeed. Now try Big Pine near Blackwell. Awesome, if you can pick a time that doesn't disturb too many fly-fishermen.

- Big D

Karthus to Keating
Hello: I read your post with great curiousity. We have a place about half-way between Karthus and Keating. Could we do this canoeing in one day? Would you estimate the time under 5 hours or so? Also, as far as rapids and rocks, what was your experience? We would like to canoe this section for the first time perhaps in the fall is the water is up.

Thanks for your reply.

Glad you enjoyed the trip! You might want to get “Keystone Canoeing” by Ed Gertler. I believe you live in Ohio, so Chapter 7 “The Best of the West” might be of interest to you.

Big Pine Creek mentioned by another responder flows through the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and is quite a trip, but check the water level before going. Also the Clarion river is a nice trip. The north branch of the Susquehanna has some great trips as well.

Good luck.