West Branch Susquehanna

My sister has just returned from a visit to Clearfield county and is all excited wanting to plan a paddling trip on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. Any suggestion for good day trips for beginners. She was suggesting something around Shawville. Thanks

I live 3 miles upstream of Shawville

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Shawville to Deer Creek bridge, Deer Creek to
Rolling Stone bridge and Rolling Stone to Karthaus are all doable as day trips, with D.C. to R.S. being the shortest at around 3 hours. Excluding high water, there is nothing that beginners can't handle. Contact Dave at McCracken Canoe in Shawville(they have a web site). He can give you more info than you need and also run your shuttle.

hard to believe…
…that in the 1800’s, huge timbers were rafted from this exact area down the ENTIRE length of the Susquehanna to its mouth & beyond (down the Chesapeake or through the C&D canal to ports along the eastern seaboard). The pre-dam southern Susquehanna was a perilous navigation for any craft, but today the dams have made sections boatable.

Thank you
I will check with McCrackens. Hoping for about a 10 mile trip. Laura