West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium

This year’s Port Townsend symposium is scheduled for Sep 25-27. It sounds like it’s going to be pretty small compared to the ones in past years. I know there are quite a few vendors who would normally attend that aren’t going to be there. I’m still going, but I must confess I’m starting to wonder how many others are planning on it.

What about you?

is this the one in
San Francisco?

I go to the San Doego one every year but Tucson, Az to SF,Ca is too far and too costly.

nope - Port Townsend

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This one is the one in Port Townsend, Washington. Been a big one for years. The folks putting on the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium (which is end of February 2010 - http://www.ggsks.com/) are probably hoping to get as big as the Port Townsend one.

I haven’t attended
for three years. It got to be same–same and the cost of traveling and for the registration just doesn’t seem worth it , I can find better things to do with my $500-$700 .