West Fork of Tuckaseegee and Nantahala Cascades Using Hi-N-Dry Rolling Aid

Nantahala Cascades Highlights

West Fork of Tuckaseegee River Highlights

My dad and I are still going strong and still loving using our Hi-N-Dry Rolling Aids! I’m now starting to step up into class 5 territory which is exciting! These two videos are short and with music which is something different I’m trying occasionally.

I’ll get the popcorn… Waiting for the show to begin.

Love the Nantahala
Used to paddle it a lot
One time went through the falls with my son in an Old town disco.
Prior to entering he asked me what he should do and I told him nothing -just do what I tell you.
We had a nice clean run, but a boat full of water. He put the paddle over his head in a victory salute before I could stop him, and over we went.

jack L

I have paddled both rivers in solo canoes. I have also been known to swim them on occasion. Glad y’all had fun.

@JackL My video is not about Lower Nantahala (class II-III) which is what I think you are referring to. It is Nantahala Cascades class IV+/V-

@castoff I’m assuming you are referring to Lower Nantahala and Tuckaseegee, not Nantahala Cascacades (IV+/V-) and West Fork of the Tuck IV+

I tried running the videos to see if they came off as advertising. Likely someone will complain if they are.
Not a issue because neither would run.

they run fine on my end i’m on a desktop pc. They are embedded from youtube.

Nice video. Still ; as seen on TV, a gimmick. Giant pool noodle, with a cover. No thanks.

Tried again and they ran.
Not so far from Medawgone on the device. But others can disagree.

congrats on upping your skills and game, Time to take the high and dry off for good. You no longer need a rolling aid.

Thank you for acknowledging that I have managed to up my skills and game. I believe I have and it is nice to see someone who agrees online. That said, I will never take off the Hi-N-Dry. Edit: The reasons why I will never take it off I can’t speak on because other posters said listing those is an advertisement offense so we’ll leave it at that out of respect for the rules.

And that reads like an ASOTV ad .

OK shaftfloat, I agree with string on the sound of your last reply and it made me look. I have been loaded up with eldercare issues for the last month plus so I didn’t bother before.

I suggest that you acknowledge your status on this one and/or buy an ad.

I found a video from Nov 2012 indicating you are the seller of this device. Per an exchange below I took that link down here. But the rest is still so.

shaftfloat.com gets me to a currently active web site selling this device.
Here is the caption from below the video I found when it comes up from a google search in UTube .
“The Hi-N-Dry rolling aid is…
To purchase or find out more, visit http://www.shaftfloat.com.”

This gimmick paddle aid, has been peddled a few times on here. This infomercial guy, tries to pass it off, as a real thread.
Bracing skills will save your butt, more than a paddle, with a pool noodle. I rather trust my roll; big conditions, than a pool noodle.

I found it funny that the music for the first video was “Sail” for a whitewater kayaking video.

Didn’t make any “sale” connection until subsequent (and unintentional advertising) remarks about the dark grey thing.

I guess sometimes I’m dense.

… Still got some of this popcorn left … Anyone want some?

I’m glad to see someone acknowledges that my comment was unintentially coming across advertisementish when it was in response to another poster and had no intention of being an advertisement nor does this thread advertise anything. I shared cool videos of a cool pair of river outings to cool music. Enjoy the videos and comment on the videos and if you comment on a piece of gear I use and I respond to that comment, that doesn’t make me break advertising rules as I’m not trying to advertise.

Edit: I have also edited my previous comment to not list the reasons I will not take off the Hi-N-Dry because they come across too much like an advertisement if I say it and I want to respect the other posters and the rules.

Also out of respect for forum rules, Celia, would you mind taking down the advertisement materials you posted?

@shaftfloat Do you or do you not make money if someone buys this? Are you the owner of shaftfloat.com, a site where this is purchased? Or are you not?

Here is the Whois registry info on shaftfloat.com.
Updated Date: 2018-12-30T08:27:10Z
Creation Date: 2011-12-29T16:58:12Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2019-12-29T16:58:12Z
Name Server: NS1070.UI-DNS.BIZ
Name Server: NS1070.UI-DNS.COM
Name Server: NS1070.UI-DNS.DE
Name Server: NS1070.UI-DNS.ORG

I thinned the video itself because I made my point. But you have still not acknowledged whether you derive income from this device. Interesting trying to turn the forum rules around after I found your site though.

Here is his Facebook page, with the same videos. ASOTV/Facebook spam. If you want to plug you product, do it on the up an up. Pay PCOM to advertise.