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Hi guys and gals, I am curious if anyone has had the opportunity to paddle one of Doug’s short little Delta kayaks? I love hearing opinions from experienced paddlers like the discussion on CD’s freedom. Hex, what do think the Delta would be like for a light weight play boat for flat water in the midwest? Another new light weight contender I would like to hear more about is the Walrus Griffin LT. I love the type of craft that the Kayak Pro Jet falls into but I am afraid it is over my head stability wise. SRS now has a Laser 4 all that is supposed to be more stable and is paddability rated. Any insight is appreciated and the one criteria I would like to stay away from is boat length in excess of 17 or 18 feet. And finally one last question, where is a good place to look for used performance kayaks? I live in Nebraska so shipping will be an issue. Thank you in advance for your time and effort. Happy holidays to all!

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Delta 10 review
Not sure who Doug is or which of the Delta kayaks you are most interested in, but California Kayaker Magazine had a review of the Delta 10 in the Fall 2011 issue (#7). Can be read online for free at http://www.calkayakermag.com/magazine.html.

West Side Boat Shop Delta
Actually Doug I beleive is the owner and chief designer of West Side Boat Shops high performance kayaks. Thanks for the link but his Delta is a quick little 13’10" boat made origanally for racing in a sub 15’ class in the San Fran bay area way back in the 80’s. I talked to him earlier this Fall and he said that the Delta is a 26 pounder sans rudder that is quite quick because it is narrow at its waterline. The actual beam comes in at something like 24" but is above waterline. Thanks for the California Kayaker connection though.


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Marco, I was interested in a used WSBS Delta that was advertised here on p-net off and on over the past couple of years (it was in FL, I may be able to find the seller's name if you want it - I don't believe it sold). Anyway, there's a real lack of info on this boat, so I called Doug at WSBS. The boat sounds great, but when I told him my weight (ca. 205) he said the boat is way too small. I don't know if that's an issue for you, but if you are interested in this boat, I think you might also consider a Cape Falcon F-1.

PS I assume you've read the reviews here, but only the second is actually about the WSBS Delta - the first is clearly about some other boat and is in the wrong spot.

The Epic GPX
is another shorter boat that has a reputation for quickness. It has a definite swede-form hull that is relatively narrow forward of the cockpit a bit like the WSBS Delta. Jersey Paddler has a few in its inventory and has priced them at a significant discount. The Cape Falcon F-1 is a very interesting boat but acquiring one means going out to the Oregon coast to spend a week building it under Brian Schulz’s guidance and then getting it shipped back to NJ. Adding it all up: airfare, lodging, the cost of the F-1 and then crating and shipping it to NJ would probably cost about as much as a new Feathercraft Wisper, the current focus of my boat-lust. Jake

Well, the F-1 build cost 1300 with paddle included, shipping was 150. The major expense was flying and staying in a motel, but many others drove and stayed in a campground - one camped on Brian’s land for free. I doubled it up with a visit to family out west, so the travel was incidental to the boat cost. Also, Brian will build you a custom F-1 for 1950, which seems competitive to other boats, especially considering how light and tough it is.

For a guy who hates driving
and dreads the annual winter trip from New Jersey to Florida as a kind of special torture, a 6000 plus mile roundtrip is not in the cards but maybe I might talk with Brian about the F-1. I once owned a Mariner Coaster which was a truly great boat [should have never let it go!] and the F-1 looks like it might just exceed the Coaster.

If you want to try my SC-1 sometime (Skin Coaster 1, precursor to the F-1), we can definitely set it up - I work at a waterfront in the Bronx and kayak in NJ often. I haven’t paddled the F-1, but as I understand it the improvements are there, but subtle and tuned for surfing performance.

West Side Boat Shop Delta
I just got off the phone with Doug Bushnell at West Side Boat Shop and I feel like I just went through a physics class in kayaking. He was very informative and did get me excited about his Delta kayak. I live in the mid-west so shipping wasn’t too bad and I am now leaning towards a short light weight 3rd boat to use for fitness paddling. Thankyou for all the wonderful feed back and I would certainly be more than interested if there is a used delta for sale in Florida or where ever. Happy Holidays and happy paddling!

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It took me some years, but I can now bring you a review of this boat. West Side Boat Shop Delta Kayak review | The new West Side Boat Shop - YouTube

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