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I am not sure what the Extra Fast Tourer has for leg positions whether you can use thigh braces or if your knees are together if it has a rudder and a strap for your legs. I would like one either way but not sure how they work and any opinions on the seating/ leg setup. Any help much appreciated.

Thank you


We had a West Side Bullit
It is the same as the EFT only it is a tandem.

The steering is tiller bar with a rudder.

A lot of people like the tiller bar, but I didn’t.

When racing, I pump off the pedals, but with the tiller bar I had problems steering and pumping. I had to sort of twist my body for a sharp turn.

With that said, the EFT is a great boat and lives up to its name

Jack L

Tiller bar
I hated the tiller bar when I first got a WSBS Thunderbolt and promptly ordered an ONNO foot brace/pedal assy. as a replacement.

By the time the ONNO was built and arrived I had a lot more time in the Thunderbolt and I no longer minded the tiller bar. Since I’d already paid for the ONNO and had it in hand I went ahead and installed it but I think I would have been content to stay with the tiller bar. It takes a while to get used to though.

No thigh braces in my Thunderbolt, just straps across the thighs which seemed to work ok.


Tiller steering
I had an EFT and did not think I would like the tiller steering. I ordered the ONNO foot pedals and by the time they arrived I was sold on the tiller steering. I never did install the ONNO pedals. The strap allows you to paddle with knees together which promotes proper leg action for a more efficient paddling style.

Tiller Steering

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Thank you for all the imformation. I am sure I will enjoy the boat. My wife is using a Seda Glider that I have which moves right along and I need something to keep up and I don't want to use an electric motor so the boat should be the best bet.

Thank you

You will do more than keep up with your wife.