West System thinner question

I have some West Systems coloring agent (white). I’ve had it for a long time and it is starting to dry out and get stiff.

Can anyone suggest what to mix with it to thin it?

I’ve got about a third of a one oz. tube so it’s not like I’m out that much, but if I buy another one it will likely wind up the same way.



Mix it with resin only then see.
If its chunky, time to buy new or accept white stuff coming off everytime you wipe it down.

Normally alcohol is the solvent for epoxy and Acetone will work too. How are you going to thin stuff in a tube? Or are you going to squeeze out some for use and thin it? Acetone will eat through a plastic tube however. Try regular bathroom alcohol and see if that works.

Dont use bathroom alcohol

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Most home alcohol is 70% or 90% alcohol with the remainder being water. I assume no epoxy is water soluble, so this will probably ruin whatever you mix it in.

You could possibly use Denatured alcohol (from lowes, home depot, ace, or a paint store), but nothing from a grocery store.

See if it lists the solvent. Even if it doesnt list the ingredients it will usually say "Warning: Contains Acetone and Xylene" or whatever the solvent is.

The % water content of "rubbing alcohol"
is risky to mix with epoxy. If the mix gets hot, that water may blow it up out of the pot.

Simple solution is to call up West

They will give you the proper answer.

They have a fantastic tech. dept that enjoys helping people out and have taught me a lot.

Jack l