West Virginia Class I-II Kayaking

I may be camping near Seneca Rocks mid September (campsite is still up in the air) and am looking for a river/creek that offers class I/II kayaking in WV (ha…I know that’s mild). It will just be two of us, so any information on shuttling services would also be really helpful. We paddle crossovers (LL Remix and Piranha Fusion), have skirts, helmets, etc…

so seneca rocks is usually a spring destination for paddling. The branches of the potomac are seasonal. Even in april the flow can get too low to run. So that area probably won’t be runnable in Sept. I guess if I had to find something up that way I’d head to “the trough” and perhaps the cheat river water trail might have enough flow to get down but even those places are likely to be very scrapey. Perhaps a better plan would be southern pa and the middle yough (confluence pa), or do rec paddling on the gauley below swiss (on weekends in the late afternoon, the tail end of the rafting releases) or just up and back paddle around kanawha falls on the kanawha river. If any of those options appeal to you I can provide you with more specifics. There is also a rec paddling group on the Mong. in Morgantown and they might be able to provide suggestions. The new in va and in wv above bluestone lake would be runnable in sept and feature class II but pretty far from where you are wanting to go.

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found this link that explains water levels on the cheat river water trail, if you access the parsons gauge via their link and then scroll down to the cfs graph you’ll notice the river took a big jump up today from the bare minimum. 100 to almost 400 cfs, meanng you wouldn’t scrape your way down


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