West Virginia flat water paddles

I am heading to West Virginia to primarily hookup with bikers at Blackwater Falls state park in late September to camp and ride… I am possibly bringing the barge, or purple people eater tandem for me and the 2 kids, aka Woody and Georgia to use…I have been told u have to go about 40 miles away to paddle…may not be paddling then BUT I plan on being in the state for about a week… so I have flexible plans thus far to paddle Summersville Lake area, maybe Shenandoah national park, hey I want to try ziplining! HAHA!!..east fork of 12 Pole Creek is on my list and now maybe Grayson Lake!

A few days with my biker friends and the rest solo and/or hooking up with paddlers at 1 or more of the other places I mentioned…a FB friend from Looking at the Front of my Kayak recommended Grayson Lake especially after a RAINFALL as there r tiny waterfalls trailing off cliffs…lots to squeeze in but a couple days camping in each area will help give us an awesome vacation!

I am looking for peeps who might be able to join us for some paddling, and NO this 1 is not getting canceled! HAHA!! I have had to do that way too many times in the past, mostly due to injuries…I don’t come here as often as I should be, but I might start up again! Need to stir some peeps up…HAHA!!

here’s a couple of websites


Thanx for the linx!
I already joined the 1st 1 and just added the 2nd 1 to my FB…this is gonna be an awesome lil trip!

Sounds like we will be headed
for Grayson Lake in Kentucky 1st! then work our way back up to Blackwater Falls state park to hook up with biker friends! Should be a great short week’s vaca for us!

Hope to paddle Grayson lake
Clifty creek run to hidden cove and IF I am able, to paddle Newfoundland ramp area…