Western CT Kayak Camping Recos Wanted

I am looking to plan a needed outdoor adventure with a buddy of mine who is in Philly. Trying meet somewhere, somewhat in between Hartford and Philly for a 2 day kayak camping trip. Open to any and all suggestions!

Housatonic. Memory a bit hazy, but pretty sure putting in at Falls Village below the dam and “rattlesnake”…a short cl 4…anyway, there’s a big put in area there (see “Great Falls” in link), a nice campground in Housatonic Meadows SP, then take out in Kent, or Gaylordsville if you want to hit some bigger rapids (cookie basket).
Moving water to cl. 2 if you take out in Kent.

Farmington River…campground is up top, but you can run a few miles of beautiful cl 2 to it, then run 8-30 miles the following day, takeouts in New Hartford, before and after Satans Kingdom (cl 3 section)…not really in between, but draws my NY/NJ buds pretty frequently.
I’ve also paddled some of the feeder rivers and creeks feeding the Hudson, as well as the Hudson itself, and have noted some campgrounds in the area. Imo, overcrowded and featureless compared to Housy Meadows and Peoples Forest, but there may be others I didn’t see. Also some good stuff down by the Delaware Water Gap.