Western Maine Outfitter

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A few months ago, Stephanie and I took a road trip from Burlington, Vermont to just a few miles into Maine on Rt 2, through New Hampshire. In Maine, we stopped to take some pictures of a pretty river and while we were shooting a group of sea kayakers came around the bend and took out right where we were shooting. This was a group led by a local guide/outfitter, and we wrote their name down, but lost the paper between then and now. I’ve done numerous web searches for paddling guides/outfitters in western Maine, but have come up empty. I got lots of info for guides/outfitters on the Atlantic shores of Maine, but nothing near the NH border. Do any of you know who leads trips there?

We do plan to get to the shore, but we are new to kayaking and this looked like a great place for beginners.

Thanks in advance for any info.


There Is An Outfitter

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right on Route 2, outside of Bethel, next to the Androscoggin River and bridge. They have a campground and rent canoes and kayaks. This past year, they built a large office/storage building that can been easily seen right from the road.

Just remembered their name and googled. Here it is:


Hi Sing,

I believe that’s it, thanks very much!